Aimee Dos Santos

Certified Practitioner since November 2019

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Aimee has spent all of her adult life dedicated in serving others. She is a Havening Technique practitioner, a licensed clinical Social Worker (LCSW), a Reiki practitioner, a writer, and a certified teacher. Beyond all of these, certifications/degrees, she is a natural born healer/intuitive. Aimee recently opened up her own business in Newtown, CT, called Seeking Up Healing. Her dream was to offer a space that gave several modalities of healing in order for the client to navigate what works personally for them. Her business is located in the most healing space that could be found, an old refurbished chapel! Aimee, herself, has found healing in all the modalities she offers, including the Havening Technique. Aimee also specializes in conducting trainings on mental health wellness/mindfulness, Autism advocacy and teaching social skills, teaching regulation techniques to emotionally disturbed teenagers, PANDAS/PANS and Lyme disease education and support, and addiction counseling. Currently, Aimee specializes in the treatment of: Spirituality, trauma, self-regulation, empowerment of teen girls and women, body image issues, phobias, grief, positive relationship building, living your most vital life coaching, stress management,  confidence and boundary building, and becoming a positive energy attractor.

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Obsessions and compulsions, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Stress, Adolescents, Grief, Self-Development, Confidence, Empowerment, Bereavement


31 Hawleyville Rd, Newtown, CT
Bethel, CT