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Havening with Dr. Ruden
Dr. Ronald Ruden is a board certified internist and medical theorist. In addition to his work as a primary care doctor, he utilizes advances in neuroscience to produce new methods of healing. Over the last decade, through exploring the use of touch to cure illness, he has developed the award-winning practice called Havening, a psychosensory therapy that changes the brain to permanently remove traumatizing memories and its negative effects from both the psyche and body. Visit for more information about this revolutionary technique.


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Testimonials: Irritable Bowel Syndrome The client had been suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and related anxiety everyday for several years. After 2 sessions of The Havening Techniques, his IBS and anxiety have completely cleared.

Stephen Travers

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Fear of surgery

I met with Dr. Ruden one week before an open double hernia surgery at Mt. Sinai. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I have had some traumatic experiences with surgery; the thought of going into the hospital again was frightening. I was skeptical (by nature) but determined to do something to make my experience positive. I looked at the website and thought; that's good for those people; probably not going to work for me. In a nutshell; I met with Dr. Ruden and within 45 minutes we discovered my worst fear concerning surgery; he performed his treatment with me and I went into surgery calm and relaxed. Never thought it would happen. I highly recommend the "havening"; I practice Dr. Ruden's techniques everyday. It works.

Patti DiVincenzo

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Testimonials: Relief after Diagnosis Distress

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Claustrophobia: Testimonial

For as long as I can remember I have been claustrophobic but it was manageable - I would use a lift but didn't like it particularly and if I could use stairs that would always be my preference - until the lift approximately 25 years ago which left me trapped in an overcrowded lift for an hour and a half. That incident set the beginning of a very long journey of avoidance, fear, anxiety and maladaptive behaviours concerning confined spaces as I just felt trapped and unable to breathe. For example I don't think I have ever been in a lift alone since the incident and only on the rare occasion out of absolute necessity have I got in in one with my husband. On these occasions we would have to wait until there was no one else or very few people in with us as the fear was all consuming and I would push past people to get out first! Plane and train journeys were incredibly difficult, even more so when the train went through a tunnel! Even being in a car which locks automatically (as mine does) sent shivers down my spine (I kept a hammer in the back to break free if trapped). Having my son (now 2 years old) really complicated my avoidance behaviours and required me either taking my mother with me shopping or pay a young girl to come along to put my son and pushchair in the lift while I ran up the stairs! This has been so debilitating especially as we love to travel which involves planes, trains, lifts and hired cars which lock automatically! Also I could not book a hotel room without excessive research and calls direct to ensure a room reachable by stairs! The associated fear and anxiety has worsened 100 fold over the years and no amount of 'talking' could help me reason and rationalise - I've never heard of anyone being trapped and then suffocating in a lift bit I feel overwhelmed that I can't breathe. I don't know of anyone dying simply because the doors on the train won't open but I feel like I will. I used to envy people who just mindlessly stepped into these situations without a second thought!

To make things worse I am a psychologist!! As Paul McKenna says, helping yourself is not always as easy as helping others and in his (and my) case it is nigh impossible at times! So I've hid this big secret from those outside my close circle.... until now. On 10th May I set off to London on a 2 day Havening course, having arranged to stay overnight in the hotel which meant ringing and ensuring the room was below the 6th floor and easily accessible by stairs - mission finally accomplished. Next was the issue of the train journey, the first one alone in some 15 years - needless to say I never slept the night before and my husband had to convince me travelling with a hammer in my handbag (to smash a window to break free if we got stuck) would result in me being arrested for carrying an offensive weapon (and being placed in a small airless cell)! I took things to distract me on the train but did have to talk myself into relaxing at times as I felt anxiety levels raised. In did not feel achievement, just relief as I finally stepped off.

Right at the end of the first day of the course Steve mentioned claustrophobia and enquired if there were any phobics in the group. My hand shot up and he enquired if I had ever nearly drowned. I went to say no but a memory popped up dating back to when I was 6 years old. He casually said, 'I can Haven that after'. 'Yes please' I said and when he finished I sat waiting. I was so desperate to see if he could help, even just a little as I could not continue living like I do, especially with a young son! Steve chatted to a few people but said he would be over - I didn't intend moving and didn't care how long I waited as this was an opportunity I couldn't ignore, I had nothing to lose. Some very kind ladies came over to chat and when I said I was waiting for Steve they got into action, found a place for Steve and I in the corner of the room and he honoured his promise! Steve asked me about the near drowning incident and to my surprise focused on that and not the lift incident. He Havened the near drowning and got it down to 0 in about 6minutes and next minute we were in the lift up to the 11th floor, NO FEAR! Next I went up alone to the 11th floor twice - NO FEAR, NO ANXIETY, I was stunned! It felt like chains had fallen off me, I was so overjoyed and quite frankly in a state of amazed disbelief! Unbelievable!

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Havening Testimonial: Childhood Abuse

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Testimonials: Anxiety

Hi Chris, Thanks again for helping me a few weeks ago, I thought I might just give you a bit of feedback on how I'm doing! After our appointment I left feeling awesome, and took the time to absorb what had just happened by chilling in the park and watching life………while looking around I swear everything I saw was that little bit brighter and clearer too! That awesome feeling however ebbed away and the following week was quite interesting with my mood YoYoing up and down, as I assume the negative pillars built on the things we handled collapsed. Throughout this I used the Self-Havening process to get through, which worked very well as did the relaxing techniques too. Then came Thursday a day which started well and I won’t forget. Nothing big happened but in the evening my mood dropped to a low I have never experienced before, one of calm but very apathetic, low, disturbing and without drive. I had a choice to let this grip me or push on up. So I Self-Havened and decided to push on up and out. Since then my focus mood and energy has been high, and a clearer outlook is here! I had hoped that our meeting would have solved everything in an instant but the experience of the past weeks has given me something better; a realisation that it is one step at a time and I have the personal power and techniques now, to develop this and create the life I deserve! You have given me my fight back and I'm very grateful. Feel free to use this as you wish and I will certainly recommend you where I can. All the best in continuing your great work and I hope we get to meet again! Matt

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Business and Professional Success

'Working with Gael, firstly having a Havening Technique session and subsequently business mentoring has worked wonders for me. Gael's essence is safe, centred, and very nourishing, and the profound shift in my personal growth speaks for itself.'

~ Simone De Cunha - Business Communications Consultant

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Childhood Abuse

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Negative Emotions

“I was not sure what the treatment would involve as never heard of anything like this before (Mum said maybe it is a little like EFT?), anyway, i wasn’t sure if would help but i thought the timing with other changes in life i thought why not! To my surprise i could feel all the negative emotions being let go and i could bring up image that would have had me in tears before and now - nothing, i recall the incident but at least now it doesn’t get to me not like before. Then towards end of session i was becoming very relaxed, chilled out, happy and excited about the future and more positive about things rather than looking at something and just being negative! Both my husband and myself ended up saying similar things for some parts and turned out that we had also seen similar colours. Would recommend this to anyone and certainly considering another session just to make sure all negative emotions and thoughts have gone so that i can finally move forward after many many years of negativity! If i recall i had also replied WOW! after Jennifer asked how i was feeling! :) WOW!Thank you Jennifer.”

Lorena, Birmingham


“Thank you for the amazing treatment! I deliberately tried to dwell on the situation that caused me so much anxiety and trauma, but my mind doesn’t want to know and I can t be bothered. That makes me smileJ. How does it work? It‘s magic! I am well impressed with the outcome. Wasn’t expecting it”



“Yes i think i can say that we have both seen and felt a difference. I didn’t not know what to expect as new to all things spiritual and healing until recently because of my wife and mother in law. So was a little unsure if wanted to go ahead with this therapy but thought why not! When it first started i was wondering if Jeremy Beadle was going to jump out saying you been framed! but as the session progressed and the feelings i could feel changing and how calm, happier feeling since then. It’s certainly worth it and would recommend to anyone wishing to breaking the cycle of negative emotions. It has only been a couple of days but so far I am feeling much happier and more positive and more energetic!”

Mark, Birmingham.


“Jennifer just to let you know how thankful I am, with the session I had last night. Really did not think i would feel any different, but how wrong I was! Also i didn’t think i had anything to release but you don't realise what you have building inside you until you see Jennifer. Everyone should try a session with her”.

Love Jo x

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