Anne-Christine Andersen

Certified Practitioner since February 2021

Anne-Christine Andersen
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My passion is helping people going through- and dealing with- hard times and helping them find their own resilience and strengths. 

Sometimes, when life hits us hard, we need acute help to unleash our resilience and strength. In addition to that, most of us have suppressed traumas and sorrows throughout our life that are affecting us at some level in our daily life. We will feel much better to be released from this, but the challenge is really sometimes to identify what is causing the sadness, anxiety, phobias, pain, sleeplessness and others. Havening is a great way gently to identify and release us from this.

From years of experience working as a reg.nurse, I have met and helped patients and we all know, although patients get their prescribed treatments there is this big, often unfulfilled need, to be listened to and seen as the PERSON behind the diagnosis. I always try to show my sincere interest in the person behind the diagnosis.

From working with PTSD patients (especially refugees) and palliative care I eventually knew that I had to - and deeply wish to - specialize within therapeutic skills. In addition to my working experience I have personally also gone through some dark personal issues which resulted in PTSD and a need for healing, and this has deepened my understanding for how vulnerable but also how strong the healing powers within us are.

In 2019 and 2021 I did further education within CBT inspired Stress/or Management and I am also a Mindfulness Instructor. In combination with being a certified Havening Practitioner I have learned from experience and testimonials from my clients that this combination works wonderful. Above this, I am a really good listener.

I can do Havening in English, Swedish and Danish. 

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Viborg, Denmark