Havening Techniques® Certification Training with Carol Robertson PhD

December 15th 2021 7:00pm-

Carol Robertson

Enjoy learning at your own speed and developing new skills on a course designed for you by me, Carol. I was one of the first five Havening practitioners and trainers, and I love how practitioners use the concepts and techniques in many disciplines. And I recognise that it's helpful for you to be able to ask questions that relate to your particular field, and working one-to-one makes this possible. You may want to work quickly, or you may want to use the full course length of ten months to fulfil the various stages towards being recommended for certification from Havening HQ. 

This program of study is suitable for professionals who have an existing client base. The Havening Techniques® are psychosensory methods that use the sensory input of touch, imagination, and attention to facilitate learning and create change. Developed from the most modern neuroscience, Havening is being used to increase creativity, calm, and resilience. Practitioners also share Havening to help people become free of unwanted memories, fears and emotional and chronic pain.

It's fascinating to learn how Havening works and consider the mechanics of neuroplasticity, how we learn, how we respond to risk and how fast change occurs. And to learn about how concepts like CASE and EMLI are helpful in practice. Find out about 'best practice', experience Havening and learn to use the techniques elegantly, creatively and safely. Gain knowledge and build your skills as you complete the science review, reflect on and discuss your experiences and case studies, and film yourself working. This training is tailor-made, and the sequence of your course will be structured to reflect this. 

Live video calls with Carol covering the science and use of the various techniques and related skills. I enjoy making the science accessible and valuable for the practice of Havening. On the course, there are opportunities to practice self-Havening, and explore and become skilled at using the many Havening Techniques with other students before working with your clients. Access the educational portals at www.havening.org and www.psychosensoryacademy.com, read the Primer, and watch videos of sessions, workshops and practice groups. Read posts, ask questions and engage with Dr Ronald and Steven Ruden, trainers, practitioners and students on the Havening Facebook forum.

Havening HQ provides practice group sessions to help support you on your path to certification.

  • Steps to complete certification are as follows:
    • Attend the one-to-one sessions, engage, study and practice
    • Complete Science Review
    • Submit 30 written case studies
    • Submit two video case studies
    • Submit an application fee $99
    • For those practising in the United States, please note you must also complete the Ethics Course independently administered by Midge Murphy JD ($149) Complete The Code of Ethics Agreement.
  • Havening Practitioner membership dues are $99 per year.

Please use the email link on my website to connect with me, book your place, and select times to train.

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