Begin the process of gaining our practitioner certification by learning about The Havening Techniques at a training given by one our Certified Havening Techniques Trainers. Click on the text below to view the page of training events. Here you will find a range of courses and details about our annual conference which is also a training course. There is also information about our trainers, course prices and you can then register on the course of your choice.

Stage Two

Certification Program

Benefits of Certification

  • Diploma of certification
  • Listing on the website as a certified practitioner
  • Reduced fees to webinars and online conferences (50%)
  • Access to master classes.
  • Access to liability insurance if needed.
  • Being a facilitator at conferences.
  • Updated new science as it becomes available.
  • Access to Power Point presentation by Dr. Ruden
  • Material Support
  • Quarterly Newsletter

Certification process and evaluation

  • Receive and fill out the practitioner application forms
  • register and pass online science exam
  • Write a professional profile
  • Document thirty case studies which demonstrate The Havening Techniques
  • Make two videos of yourself using The Havening Techniques with two different people. These digital/video films must be a minimum length of 15 minutes and a maximum length of 60 minutes.
  • Once everything is completed, send it to us in one clearly labeled package (USB stick or via Dropbox)
  • One of our certified trainers will make an evaluation of your submitted work
  • The Evaluation Process

If after viewing the case studies, written material and videos the program director, in his/her sole discretion, determines the applicant has demonstrated a level of competency in The Havening Techniques they may then continue the program and do the final stage to certification.

If after viewing the case studies and videos the program director, in his/her sole discretion, determines the applicant has not demonstrated a level of competency in The Havening Techniques to continue in the Program, then the applicant will be notified. In such event, the program director may ask the applicant to submit additional videos. The exact number of which to be determined solely by the program director or the program director may make recommendations to the applicant to bring the applicant up to speed. In either event, it's possible that the applicant will be disqualified from our program. In that event the applicant will be refunded the Certification Package Fee of $425 minus $75.00 administrative fee. Stage Two: Price $425.00

Buy Certification Package - $425


Stage Three

Ethics & Legal Principles & Risk Management Strategies

This comprehensive course is designed to assist you in understanding the core ethical issues and related legal principles in the practice of the Havening Techniques. This course also provides you with essential risk management strategies and tools which can help reduce the potential legal liabilities inherent in offering an innovative approach like the Havening Techniques to clients. By completing this course and passing the multiple choice quiz you receive a Certificate of Completion in Ethics & Legal Principles in the Practice of the Havening Techniques and complete a requirement for certification as a Havening Techniques® practitioner. This certificate has great value to you as a practitioner and also to those you serve

Ethics course - $149.00

Once all of your documentation has been reviewed and the Practitioner Agreement is notarized and returned to you with your certificate you will become one a certified practitioner. A listing will make you part of our referral network and you may also link your business site to ours (*annual listing fee of $99 will apply upon each anniversary to maintain updates to your listing as well as annual renewal to search engines, etc).