Irene Candelieri

Certified Practitioner since October 2016

+39 3338376281
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Irene is a psychologist specialising in jungian and psychosomatic psychotherapy, with two degrees: one in Psychology and the other in Philosophy - with a minor  in Anthropology, including long periods of field research in Mongolia, South and Centre America, Indonesia, which led her to focus on myths, symbols, religious and medical aspects in different cultures, in particular in shamanism. 
Her articulated skills and experiences led her to a vision of human being seen as a physical, psychic, spiritual unity - and a therapeutic approach that considers the healing process as a possibility for the client to restore his inner equilibrium in Nature. The dream analysis, the symbolic reading of human body, learning the art of touching through massage; the dance and art therapy experiences with children and adults in hospitals, orphanages, museums; also utilising the positive effects of Flowers Remedies for people with psychological weakness and mental disorders; are some of the approaches successfully experienced.
For many years Irene's research focus has been on women's awareness and empowerment processes.
The deep love for dolphins and water, joined to the Dive Master career, with the possibility of conducting classes in underwater activities and observing beneficial effects after underwater experiences, led Irene also to deepen the Animal-Assisted Therapies field.
Practicing in Italian, as well as French, English and Spanish; available worldwide through Skype.