Kate Diver

Certified Practitioner since September 2015

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I am an experienced hypnotherapist, registered with, General Hypnotherapy Register, UK (GHR). I also qualified, 14yrs ago, as a General Counselling therapist. In the past, I have worked, on a voluntary basis, in Sarajevo, Bosnia, with the ‘Healing Hands Network’. To further enhance my Counselling dip, I embarked on a 3yr voluntary work and training programme, with the Rape Crisis Centre, Bell St, Glasgow. Thisdecision was primarily to offer support, to a worthwhile organisation. However, on a personal note, it also expanded and advanced my counselling skills and provided the diversity needed to be an experienced, effective, approachable counsellor. I'm also qualified in Reiki and achieved Master Reiki/Teacher certification, around 12yrs ago.

Working from my heart - ‘I will use all of my qualifications and personal skills, to assist you, on your journey, to find personal and emotional freedom’.


Glasgow Hypnotherapy Centre
111 Union St,
G1 3TA