John Skaggs

Certified Practitioner since September 2017

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:     Racehorses when they retire or do not run fast enough face an uncertain future.  If they are lucky, they find a second career, get sent to a thoroughbred retirement home, or get sent to pasture to live out their lives.  I know this because my wife and I have a small horse farm in central Kentucky. Our small herd includes three ex-racehorses.

     Psychologists are like racehorses.  When they retire or when they discover that ''talk therapy'' no longer produces tesuts or wins races, they need to find a second career.  As a newly retired licensed psychologist, I am pursuing interests and activities that are outside of the scope of my former practice.  So instead of just being put out to pasture, I am now embarking on a new and different career.

     Life coaching with an emphasis on two powerful, revolutionary approaches is my new career.  Havening is the newest of the two approaches, having been certified as a practitioner on Easter, 2017, three months after completing the initial Havening workshop in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Havening Institute requires newcomers to work with seasoned practitioners, a mentor who can help to shape and form the newcomer's initial enthusiasm.  I was very fortunate in being matched with Ira Scott as a mentor.  His unfailing encouragement, steady adherence to basic biological principles, and true support of my many positive experiences with Havening launched me into this new career.  Because of Ira and Harry Pickens, who is an extraordinary Havening trainer within the Havening community, I became the first certified practitioner from the 2017 Louisville workshop. 

     The second approach in my new coaching career uses PEAT, standing for Primal Energy Activation and Transcendence.  Developed by Zivorad Slavinski in Europe, it is a multidimensional discipline that encompasses all aspects of human functioning.  The crown jewel of Dr. Slavinski's work is Deep PEAT, a process I have been using and training practitioners in since 2006.  PEAT recognizes that all human functioning, biologically, psychologically, and spiritually is based on dualistic processes, usually labeled ''polarities.''  Polarities exist at many different levels; at the lowest level they are biological processes in the cell or physical processes in the atom.  At the highest level they are spiritual or psychological processes that rule our lives.  PEAT work is the most elegant and effective process I know of to isolate and neutralize the dysfunctional polarities that paralize our lives.  When I combine PEAT work and Havening I can gently and effectvely coach people in a transformational change in their lives.

     Havening and PEAT are like two magnificent powerful and spirited horses, hitched to a chariot, racing to the fore of a battle.  The combination of the two is extraordinary in transforming people's lives.  I am fortunate in being able to offer both to coaching clients.

Areas of specialization

Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Relationship issues, Sports performance, Grief, Interview Nerves, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Confidence, Empowerment


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