First Step

Attend a Training
Begin the process of gaining your practitioner certification by attending an accredited training given by one of our Havening Techniques Trainers. The training will give you a comprehensive understanding of the neuroscience behind the havening techniques. There will be Lecture, Demonstrations and Practice. However, this is only the beginning of the certification process, the rest will be done at home as listed below. 

Click Attend an upcoming training event to view the page of training events. Here you will find a range of courses and details. There is also information about our trainers, course prices and you can then register on the course of your choice. Be sure to register for the certification along with your training or contact your trainer afterward for details to pay them directly.


Second Step is the Certification Process  

This is the Practical Work Done Online and with Clients  Please note we have a closed Facebook group page where you can speak with the Doctors that developed the Havening Techniques, Trainers and Accredited Practitioners from around the world while you work on your certification, use this link to request entry. 

  • First: Complete the Science Review, this is online, you can access it from your login. The questions on this review were created from The Primer and guide, read those and watch the DVD’s before taking exam.
  • Second: If you are practicing in the US, you will need to complete the online Ethics Course. This can be accessed on the Certification Portal (seperate fee $149). If you are practiting outside of the US, you will need to read and sign the Wriiten Acknowledgment of Receipt of the Havening Techniques Ethics & Conduct Policy on the certification portal. 
  • Third: Sign the Written Acknowledgment of Receipt of the Havening Techniques Ethics & Conduct Policy filled out on the certification portal
  • Fourth: Submit your Application (signed electronically) along with the application fee of $99 US
  • Fifth: Submission of 30 Case Studies using Havening Techniques plus submission of 2 Video Sessions using Havening Techniques with two different people (minimum 15 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes) You will also need to upload the two permission to video agreements – signed – onto the certification portal – all documents needed are in the resource library. Please wait for your mentors’ letter regarding their specific preference for submissions.
  • Sixth: Complete all details on your account, including name for certificate, address and biography for profile, once you have uploaded all the details and you have been promoted to practitioner, you will be officially announced on Facebook closed and group pages

Certification process and evaluation

If after viewing the case studies and videos the program director, in his/her sole discretion, determines the applicant has not demonstrated a level of competency in The Havening Techniques to continue in the Program, then the applicant will be notified. In such event, the program director may ask the applicant to submit additional videos. The exact number of which to be determined solely by the program director or the program director may make recommendations to the applicant to bring the applicant up to speed. In either event, it's possible that the applicant will be disqualified from our program. In that event the applicant shall be refunded the $99 application fee*(if applicable)

If you need to pay for certification, contact your trainer directly, the cost for certification is $750. 

Once your trainer contacts HQ that you have completed everything, your profile will become live. Your profile will be upgraded to Practitioner allowing you access to Resource Library that includes: PowerPoints from the doctors, logos in all sizes for use on website and training videos exclusively for practitioners. PLEASE note if you do not maintain your per annum accreditation you are no longer able to use the Havening logo on your website or any advertizing or emails, You can no longer promote yourself as a certified havening practitioner, and you will no longer have membership to the closed FB page. * Students have one year membership to the closed page, after that students must take another training class or become certified to maintain FB closed group access. In addition if you do not become certified within one year you will be asked to take the course again. Please contact your trainer for details.


Please Note:

There is an annual licensing fee of $99 dollars which gives you the right to use the Logo, and any proprietary material that is subject to copyright laws in your country. This is granted on a yearly basis and is renewed on the anniversary of your becoming certified. These marks and copyrights are the sole property of Dr. Ronald A. Ruden and permission to use such marks will be granted for those in good standing with Havening Techniques International.