Dr. Ronald A. Ruden

Creator and Developer of The Havening Techniques®️

Dr. Ronald Ruden is the creator of The Havening Techniques. Over the last three decades he has translated the recent advances in neuroscience into new methods of healing. In his first book, 'The Craving Brain' (1997), he explores the science behind addictive behaviors and proposes a way to inhibit relapse and to treat the symptoms arising from sobriety. It is a model that requires the individual to play an active role in maintaining abstinence.

In his second book, 'When the Past is Always Present' (2010), he offers The Havening Techniques, methods which use sensory input (touch) intended to eliminate the consequences arising from stressful or traumatic events. Thus, he defines The Havening Techniques as a psychosensory approach. Dr. Ruden began his research career at Northwestern where he obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the age of 24. He then went to Harvard in 1971 where he trained with Noble laureate E.J. Corey. After an assistant professorship at Rutgers he attended medical school and graduated from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Following internship and residency in internal medicine Dr. Ruden obtained training in clinical nutrition at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. During his tenure there, the American Cancer Society honored him for organizing the symposium, Nutrition and Cancer, What We Know So Far. In 1983 he began a private practice in medicine and maintained his love for research. He continues to explore ways to use neuroscience to treat illness.



Dr. Steven Ruden

steven headshot may 2015 compressedCo-Creator and Developer of The Havening Techniques®️

Dr. Steven Ruden collaborated with his twin brother for over ten years in the development of the Havening Techniques. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University in 1971. He enjoys a successful practice for over 40 years and has published in the area of dental phobias. In addition Dr. Ruden is a certified hypnotherapist. He is also a consultant and coach for individuals and Fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo and Smith Barney in the area of communication.

He currently is a member of the International Coaching Federation and has earned the title of ACC. In addition, NYU granted him a Certificate in Coaching after two years study. He lectures on the Havening Techniques® from the scientific as well as the clinical component.




Dr. Kate Truitt

Dr. Kate Truitt pictureChief Science Advisor

Dr. Kate Truitt is a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist with an M.B.A. in Healthcare Administration. She has dedicated her life to advancing the treatment of trauma and stress-related disorders and is proud to serve as the Global Director of Research and Curriculum Development and as a Certified Trainer for the Havening Techniques. Since 2014, she has worked alongside the Drs. Ruden to advance the application of the Havening Techniques in the field of mental health and wellness.

Dr. Kate began studying the impact of fear on learning, executive functioning, and behavioral paradigms while interning in rat labs during her undergraduate studies. Her passions quickly expanded as she began her graduate studies focusing on the psychophysiology of human emotion and cognition. Her research is on brain health during the trauma recovery process, treatment outcomes, psychophysiology, and the integration of neuroscience into mental health treatment. She believes that when we choose to let every moment of adversity strengthen and empower us, we are choosing to be our strongest and most empowered selves.

Dr. Kate leads her flagship organization, Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates, headquartered in beautiful Old Town Pasadena. She is the CEO of the Trauma Counseling Center (TCC) with offices throughout Los Angeles. In 2014 Dr. Truitt founded Viva Excellence to provide cutting-edge trainings and seminars that bring together the newest advancements in the fields of neuroscience, resiliency, as well as stress and trauma treatments.



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Feliciana Tello

Chief Operating Officer - Havening Techniques International

Ms. Feliciana Tello’s work experience includes: Personal Banker and Financial manager from 1993-2011. Ms. Tello provided financial services which included mortgage banking, life insurance and investments. In 2012 Ms. Tello began working for Drs. Ronald & Steven Ruden who developed The Havening Techniques®️, formerly known as Amygdala De-potentiation Therapy®️. The development of The Havening Techniques was initiated in 2001. The doctors’ work is based on neuroscience and the havening touch which includes Delta Wave Therapy®️. In 2012, Ms. Tello, Chief Operating Officer of The Havening organization, built the first website, www.havening.org, and created the trainee learning package. The first official training of The Havening Techniques occurred in 2013 and since then the company has grown to over 300 Certified Practitioners worldwide plus twenty Certified Havening Techniques Trainers.