Michael Meade

Certified Practitioner since April 2021

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I am  blessed and thankful to have been married for 42 years, with two sons, two grandchildren, and Church family which I and my wife have been part of for 35 years, mostly in New Zealand but now back home in the United Kingdom.

I  work in the context of "Pillar of Support Coach" offering to partner with you, in uplifting your mind, heart and your personal  goals, through key empowering contexts - to distinguish and break through whatever is getting in your way, with the huge empowerment that Havening offers in this process.

I am a Christian committed to practicing the wisdom, grace, and non-judgemental attitude of Jesus. I have a Diploma in Counselling, and I am a New Zealand Life coach. I have also successfully completed some of the best Christian and secular personal development and training courses.


As a Master bricklayer I used to build homes and now seek to serve and build people.

2003 - 2007 New Zealand  Lifeline (equivalent of the Samaritans) a voluntary phone counselling service. 2008 Diploma of Counselling, serving my local Church and community, plus over 500 hours of Landmark secular education, with several years running mixed gender Uplift groups at my local Church.

These courses covered  anxiety, depression and mood swings; and prior to that, a 24 week co-dependency course for men, with a high retention of participants.

I am excited about the empowerment that Havening offers, both to my clients and myself, because it is very user-friendly and empowering.

 Key empowering contexts make a difference:

My key mental context:

We are transformed by the renewing of our minds, and understanding the truth about what has, is, or may occur is very empowering, its  our false assumptions and blind spots which so often  binds us.

My Emotional context:

Suppressed, repressed feelings and emotions (yes there is a difference) inhibit us, while authentic expression in a safe environment releases us to be more of our own authentic self.

My Spiritual context:

Expressing itself in dreams, creativity, connections with nature, and spiritual beliefs. My key context in coaching is in loving yourself, in the context of not damaging yourself with negative self-talk, or whatever we discover is not serving you and your relationships well, such as  unforgiveness 

My biggest Spiritual breakthrough was the peace which I received, connecting with God through Jesus, and the difference that has made to my identity issues.

Working with you even if there is no spiritual conviction  can bring  both grace and peace  to yourself and others. 

My Behavioural context:

When we think balanced, we act balanced.

Our behaviour reveals to us what we think, and any mental shifts without a change of new actions is simply knowledge. Therefore behaviour is vital feedback, and in fact the success gained from a new behaviour helps massively to positively change our thinking, which then encourages our confidence for more new actions.

Neurochemicals & Havening:.

Havening touch is a key to to de-link unwanted encoded traumas and anxieties from the memory, to create a safe haven in the brain.

Havening touch is believed to generate delta waves which are calming and therapeutic, activating the Neurochemicals needed to de-link and uplift, for peace of mind and heart.

These connections can touch, move and inspire you to be the best version of you.

Feedback from clients:







I have found working with Michael an experience that has helped me reach deep levels of relaxation with the Havening techniques. It  has given me a new sense of self awareness. My understanding this, has me look at why and how I do things, especially around my self-expression. I have found a big improvement in how I express myself now, both towards myself and others. Overall, Michael made me feel comfortable and his coaching with direct issues was extremely helpful and his guidance was spot on.

A solo Mum

Michael has an extraordinary ability to help and counsel people.

He has the biggest heart I have ever encountered.

I have been to many different people while tackling my fight with depression and breakdown among other things. I cannot recommend Michael any higher. He taught me so much also about integrity and how to live life.

I’ve been to the top therapists in London and Auckland, and they do not compare. What Michael has is special as it comes from his heart. I used to look forward to my sessions very much. In fact I still miss them.

I found him to be non-judgemental, so kind, he made me laugh and caused me to take responsibility for all my actions.

This man was born to be a counsellor /therapist. He is the best. He takes a healthy responsibility for anything he may be projecting also.

He really is an example of a godly man.


I had the pleasure to have 3 Havening sessions with Michael, he is very professional and a very caring person, and he made me feel at ease, I would come out of the sessions feeling lighter and more balanced, I also felt safe and supported in my journey, 

 I was able to express my thoughts out loud and in return, was helped with clarifying why I was thinking the way that I was to help me understand my parter.

I highly reccomend Michael

Danny property developer

- I was able to learn about the havening technique which felt very useful at the moment. I felt an instant release of stress and things lifted off my shoulders.

- During the guided havening, I was able to focus on the moment and as a result, I was able to realise the positive what-ifs instead of the anxiety driven negative what-ifs and that was uplifting.

- Every time I was sent a follow up text or call, I was reminded that someone cares and wants to help with my situation.

- After every session, I felt less weight on my shoulders.

We both really appreciate your time and effort you had spent with me; we definitely felt your love and care for us and cannot thank you enough.

School Teacher & girlfreind


I have experienced a lot of changes in my life through your coaching, When I started, I used to be stressed all the time and never really knew what to do.

But learning ways and following your leads I was able to transform myself.

I found your ways and challenges really help coz I was able to see changes in my life.

The thing I really liked about your coaching is you constantly keep pushing and there is no chance for giving up.




Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Confidence


New Zealand
5 Ropner Gds
Middleton st George
Co Durham