Lynn Murray

Certified Practitioner since May 2021

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Hi and welcome to my page.


I am based in Flint Hill, Dipton in County Durham, England.  I am down to earth, people centred and my mission is to help others transform their lives using therapeutic approaches. 


I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist and an E.F.T practitioner 16 years ago.  I stumbled onto the Havening Techniques by chance; I am so very grateful I did! I am absolutely blown away by the results of this ground-breaking technique and love the neuroscience behind it, which makes perfect sense.   I have used Havening on many different problems and have had remarkable results.   


I am passionate about helping people to be free from the unhelpful emotions and behaviours that stop us from moving forward. 


Life is too short to live with dis-ease, live life to your full potential






Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Bruxism (teeth grinding), Exam nerves, Relaxation, Stress, Grief, medically diagnosed illnesses and disease, Confidence, Bereavement


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Lockdown mental health and bitter divorce

Lynn is a very dear friend to me. She is such a lovely caring and passionate person. So when she approached me offering help through her Havening technique I was intrigued. This type of therapy was unknown to me. I was sceptical at first but because Lynn said she could help I gave it a go.
Covid and the lockdown had affected my mental health. I had become overwhelmed and the thought of returning to work after months of shielding was daunting and making me anxious.
The anxiety and heart ache from a bitter divorce many years ago had also returned.
Lynn did her sessions on Zoom. She relaxed and put me at ease immediately. She got to the route of the problems straight away because I had been putting my anxieties to the back of my mind. Her technique is calming and thorough, she talks you through and you share your thoughts and feelings. She will continue until your anxieties leave. After two sessions I feel like a different person. I embrace every day with a totally different attitude and approach.
Thank you my friend x
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Parosmia, smell and taste distortion from Covid-19

I'm sure this will sound awful to most people but after 8 months of having persomia due to covid and most food smelling and tasting disgusting and after 3 Havening sessions with Lynn Murray not only has my smell and taste gone back to normal but for the first time I can actually smell my poo ? sorry but this is really exciting for me because it means everything is back to normal I never thought I would be so happy to smell my poo ???xxx
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'Thank you so much Lynn for helping get my life back'

I would thoroughly recommend havening to anyone who has specific fears or general anxiety. Personally I have had counselling and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) before, so didn't really think that havening would work, as the others haven't really, but I was genuinely very surprised. The therapy itself is a strange but very fun process. It really enlightened me that some of my worst anxiety fears are no longer with me, and I've had some of them for almost 10 years. Thank you so much Lynn for helping get my life back. Since doing havening I now feel like I'm able to calm myself when certain situations get too tough, but also I'm able to challenge myself when I want to.
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' It really feels like my problem (which felt overwhelming) has magically disappeared.'

I was excited but also nervous about having Havening, not having heard of it before but Lynn put me at ease immediately.
She was very passionate about how amazing it is and how effective it can be and explained in detail the process and what was to be expected prior to it taking place.
The meeting took place over Zoom and I feel it was the perfect platform. I was asked to think about one specific event that caused negative emotions when I thought about it. Prior to the treatment I scored 10 in terms of the intensity of feeling, so much so that it was difficult to bring back the negative feelings associated. Lynn worked with me slowly, talked me through the process and introduced Havening Touches as well as affirmations. She showed understanding and was non judgemental. She confidently guided me through my feelings towards the negative emotions I had towards the event until I was able to move slowly down the scale to a 0.
I can now say that weeks after the treatment I find it difficult to bring back the emotions I’ve struggled with for a whole year. It really feels like my problem (which felt overwhelming) has magically disappeared. I’m now at peace and have stopped giving myself such a hard time.
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Lynn and the Havening Technique ?
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Long Covid distortion of taste and smell - Parosmia - Its like a miracle!

Lynn spent under an hour working with me using the Havening technique to help my taste and smell, we used a hard boiled egg which smelt of gasoline mixed with cow manure. By the time Lynn finished I can smell the egg and I was able to taste it. I felt very emotional because it has been 7 months since I got parosmia and I was giving up hope. I can't thank you enough Lynn it's like a miracle xxx
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'I would highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling like there is a barrier in their lives that’s stopping them from being where they want to be

I hadn’t heard of the type of one to one sessions that Lynn was conducting before I had mine and learned all the havening techniques but I’m so glad I managed to have the brilliant experience of learning them, they’ve been so useful since that session and the techniques I learned I can now use at anytime anywhere, they’re so simple but have the best effect! I would highly recommend this in the future to anyone who is feeling like there is a barrier in their lives that’s stopping them from being where they want to be, Lynn is so calm and helpful, doesn’t ask any questions that don’t want to be answered and is such a lovely person to talk to x
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'not lost the life lessons of the experience and am no longer affected in a negative way'

I had been struggling with the actions of one person for many years who is no longer in my life but was for some time. In day to day life the person's name or any reminders or pointers to them would make me feel worried, upset and on edge.
Lynn helped me to feel calm and I didn't have to give any information that I was uncomfortable with. I felt a lot better after one session, but Lynn was determined to get to the bottom of the issue and we did another session which helped even more!
I now know everything that happened (so have not lost the life lessons learned by the experiences) but have a different level of attachment to it all and am no longer effected in a negative way by the thought of that person.
Thank you Lynn for being determined to help me get to the bottom of this.
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'my internal thought processes re - set and I can not recommend this technique highly enough.'

Working in healthcare and dealing with a covid outbreak in a community setting has been really difficult. To say I was feeling both vulnerable and damaged in the aftermath, probably only skims the surface. After a havening technique session, I felt like a switch had been flicked and my internal thought processes re - set. I can now deal with what's happened and not feel panic or fear. So important to the whole process was the amazing therapist. She helped me walk through the session without any anxiety or fear. Her calm and re-assuring presence put me at ease and guided me through. An awesome and inspiring therapist and a transformational session. I can not recommend this technique highly enough.
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'You've changed my total mindset and my life'

I'm amazed! Even though I’ve had a couple of blah days I couldn't be negative about my mum or dad. I see a vision of them together sat in the garden. I seriously haven't thought of my dad which is a good, bad, if you know what I mean. I have my mum as a screen saver on a couple of devices and I can just say 'hi and 'I miss you' without worry or stress or any negative thoughts now. A few days ago, as soon as i saw her, I instantly said to myself 'she's happy. Mum and dad are together now' wow! You've changed my total mindset and my life. But I'm so much less stressy on the whole. You are an amazing lady and I can't thank you enough. xxx
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'gone are the feelings of anger, upset and knots in my belly'

Thank you so much for my Havening session, I am amazed by how the knots in my belly of my upset have gone, I have been left with a happy empty feeling where for a long time I have had feelings of anger and upset I feel content and just dont have any feelings towards the situation. I can see how this could help so many people and I would highly recommend anyone to give it a try, thanks again xxx
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'scenario is a memory with no negative feelings attached'

"I loved our session and have been telling people about you and the technique. It definitely works. The scenario is is a memory but no negative emotional feeling with it. Thank you xxx
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Traumatic Diagnosis

Hello just to say a wonderful thank you how amazing!
I’ve done my homework!
And I can’t stop my self sneakily thinking back to the diagnosis day to see if i can think anything other than a rose tinted image and feeling of okay ness / content Lu happy with my new emotions associated with that day!
I know I’m so naughty! But i fund it totally fascinating! It’s like a big soft lint type sticking plaster has been stuck over it! Thank you! Xxxx
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I'm Blown Away...

"I approached my Havening Therapies session with Lynn very cautiously after previously having counselling.
I'm blown away, the techniques we went through in order to overcome certain past feelings/events are brilliant. Lynn really cares and this shows in her therapies.
Thankyou Lynn x "
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It was like someone took me out of the situation and cycle, I believed I was stuck in.
And went...
Look at it properly from a different perspective.
So, when everyone around you is telling you, you’re a good dude, you’re doing the right thing... and you don’t believe them because you’ve lost ‘you’ your confidence, direction...through trauma, abusive relationships, grief... whatever.
For me personally... it was a revolutionary moment where my consciousness and subconscious mind went
Aaaahhh.... I get it.
I was right, and it’s ok.
You’ll be ok. And I am.
You can’t control people around you... you can control how they affect you and the way you think and feel and process
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Past Traumatic \Issues and Bereavement

My session with Lynn helped me to resolve issues that had always been in the back of my mind. She was excellent and has helped me move forward. Lynn is so lovely in her approach, I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is in need or needs to deal with what has gone on in their life and is holding them back from going forward.
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Loss of Smell - Anosmia

I was a little nervous and sceptical but you made me feel very relaxed and at ease.
Having lost my sense of smell 6 months ago due to Covid and having to literally inhale things to smell anything, it has since been very faint.
At the end of our session, I couldn't quite believe how much stronger my sense of smell was and could actually "smell the coffee" as soon as I opened the jar.
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Utter Desperation - The emotional pain has gone and I can now move forward without the painful baggage

Havening Techniques was a profound experience for me. At first I was hopeful though still a little sceptical. I mean “Nothing ever works for me”. This was because having tried various therapies, medication and both NHS and private counselling, in my utter desperation to feel better, even though some of these had looked at the issues they hadn’t really tackled them. Havening Techniques is a breath of fresh air. It focuses on the heart of the issue, problem or traumatic event entirely, giving it clarity, which understandably stirs up painful feelings and emotions. This is temporary though and is absolutely necessary, in order to deal with it in a way like no other therapy does. It allows the sufferer to completely eradicate any pain or emotion associated with the issue permanently and I’ve been lucky enough to experience it. After only one Havening Technique session I was able to think of or focus on a certain traumatic event and have no emotional attachment to it whatsoever. Nothing. I was free of the pain associated with it. I’ve had a few sessions, dealing with this and other painful traumas. The pain is now erased. It’s gone! I’m still me. The events still happened and I remember the facts but I’m free of the pain for ever. I am now moving forward without the painful baggage I carried around for so many years. A weight has been lifted and this time it’s permanently gone.
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Flint Hill, Dipton, County Durham, England.