Taj Manley

Certified Practitioner since May 2021

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The full unfoldment of life is not only the absence of negatives such as overwhelm, sadness, and other emotional disturbances, but an ongoing experience of vibrance, joy, and optimistic possibility. If you are  looking for facilitated support to move in the direction of a desired outcome, project, or quality of life, I may be your person. The Havening® work I do is principle based, intuitively guided, with no agenda my part. If this appeals to you, please contact me for a complementary conversation.

About Me:
One of the strengths I bring to our sessions will be a deep caring that you achieve your desired outcome. I came to Havening Techniques® from the discipline of Focusing as developed by Gene Gendlin. So our work together includes honoring the wisdom of your body and your felt senses, along with the efficiency and effectiveness of the Havening Protocols®.

Personal development has been a consistent theme my entire life. I have certification in Jin Shin Jyutsu, a body based modality from Japan, and have experience with other energetic and somatic modalities. I am a long term meditator and a teacher of both Heart Rhythm Meditation and Transcendental Meditation. Currently I am in Sadhguru’s yogic science programs. 20+ years teaching in public and private schools has given me experience with a wide variety of people, preschool to adults, creatively helping them learn new skills and new ways of being.

If this appeals to you, please call or email me to schedule a complementary conversation. Taj
Comfort and Trust
“I felt immediately comfortable with you. Our session was a great support for being with my self and finding my own native wisdom regarding my specific issue. Thank you for your trust in me and for supporting what was unfolding in me. I felt encouraged and empowered going thru this process with you.”
Martha CA

“Your work with me was masterful. I came not really knowing what I had to work with and yet once we started, I realized how much weight I was carrying.  My life has been much easier and lighter since then. I wouldn’t say that the other areas have disappeared, but they don’t have the same heaviness that they did. I am so grateful. I know that you are going to help many people with this work.” Marie, CA

Emotional Well Being
“Since working with Taj Manley I have seen an exceptional improvement in my emotional wellbeing and productivity. The process she uses taps into my body's own intelligence of what is needed, and creates the pathway for me to give myself what I need to work through my troubles and inner discontent. I cannot recommend Taj and this process enough. Its simplicity is its genius."
Mark ID

Areas of specialization

Low self-confidence, Relaxation, Stress, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment


Boise, Idaho 83703