Angie Charlebois

Certified Practitioner since August 2017

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Having lived in a small northern community for over 12 years, I see the circular and multi-generational pattern of trauma showing up in families.  When I trained as a certified professional coach 7 years ago and then as an Infinite Possibilities trainer in 2013, I believed I would have all of the tools I needed to transform my clients' lives and my town.

At every turn, however I bumped up against a fear, block or trauma I couldn't budge... no matter how skilled and caring I was, I couldn't help (enough) so I would refer my client to a traditional counselor; they didn't usually "progress" back to coaching.

With my executive clients and the writers, speakers and entrepreneurs I work with, deep-rooted fears and traumas are easily resolved through Havening Techniques® and the real work of stretching, planning, launching and succeeding can happen.  

Attending the first Canadian Havening Techniques Certification event in Vancouver in 2016 was the most rewarding personal and professional decision I have ever made.  Since then, I've helped so many clients, including a group of 40 trainers, all of whom resolved a significant issue and some of whom didn't even recall their "issue" following the session. In all cases, radical relief was achieved and my job of coaching job was made fully possible.

When I'm not working online with clients across the globe, I'm raising my three children on a hobby farm with a beautiful mountain view.  We ski, we hike, we enjoy the lakes and rivers nearby.  

If anything at all is holding you back, give yourself the gift of amygdala wellness.