David Papa

Certified Practitioner since January 2022

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In 2013, in my 33rd year, my life was a great "success", and I was completely depressed. I began to change everything. It started with me quitting my job, leaving a relationshp, switching countries, and doing a deep dive into my own emotional and trauma work. Through many teachers, retreats, courses, and techniques, I had huge breakthroughs and shifts in insights, perspectives, and behaviors. I got so excited of the possibility of change I started to coach others, using my corporate experience at first, and then also adding in the personal life. Since then I've logged thousands of hours working with clients of all sorts and of course kept working intensely on myself, watching all aspects of my life become more interesting, fun, powerful, and fulfilling. Now I actually feel like a success, and every year is better than the last. I've come to understand that that emotions are the key to accessing the core wounds in our physical nervous system and brain, and the fastest way to changing our thinking, behavior, and even what life brings us. Havening is the simplest, gentlest, and most direct technique I have found that facilitates emotional healilng. I'm writing this as I've just become fully certified in 2022, and so far have used Havening to help a few dozen people work through a whole host of issues, from deep existential pain, core unworthiness, fear, and emotional abuse to simply having more peaceful family relationships and reduced anxiety at work. I can't wait to share this tool more. My passion is to hold a spiritual perspective to what is happening in life. I specialize in using Havening's emotional healing to release the painful conditioning keeping us trapped and to empower our true selves to shine forth and recreate our reality.

Areas of specialization


Chynice, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic