Donna Quance

Certified Practitioner since March 2022

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Donna Quance, with Master’s degrees in both Divinity and Social Work from the University of Toronto, and studies in Ashrams in India, is well-positioned to attend to the issues of developmental stages, trauma recovery, the details of lived lives, and the matter of inner unfolding and transformation into the wholeness of being. She has been in private practice in Toronto, Canada since 1994. 


Donna is well-versed in parts’ work: Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves (Co-Leader, Toronto Trainings), and Internal Family Systems (IFS-level I), and for 16 years, was deeply immersed in the Ridhwan School - Diamond Approach practice (student: international group and teacher training). She also incorporates the wisdom of intra-personal attunement, the Domains of Integration and Earned Secure Attachment as presented in Daniel Siegel’s work. In 2021, she added a Havening Practitioner certification (training with Dr Kate Truitt).


Havening entered Donna’s already rich life and practice as an unparalleled gift. It offered its brilliant neuroscience as to how trauma is encoded, where and when it is encoded, and why it is encoded. Equally exciting, Havening Techniques® provided deceptively simple, precise tools to work with the Amygdala, navigating its challenges and reactivity in order to depotentiate the encoded trauma. 


In addition to dismantling trauma neural networks, Havening Techniques provides support for the laying down and development of new positive neural networks of resiliency that form and support the healthy ego ... all the way to enhancing and making space for the arising of the essential qualities of our true nature. Who knew!


Something begins to unfold … the ground rises up to embrace us. Blossoming begins to happen … the heart lightens and opens … clarity and peace appear … agency and choice emerge … and we begin to be made anew. 


If you are someone who has an interest in inner work, therapy, personal growth or spiritual life, I welcome your call. I’d love to hear from you.

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