Susan Van Note

Certified Practitioner since May 2022

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Since 2003, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people feel at ease in their bodies as a certified yoga teacher, craniosacral therapist and therapeutic massage therapist, practitioner for The Feldenkrais Method®, and Havening Technique® practitioner. I relish the moment after a session when a client smiles, sipping water and glowing and looking 10 years younger and energetically lighter.

My work is how I connect to my higher Self—it’s what I’m here to do in this second phase of life, now that my three children are young adults. 

As a Feldenkrais Method® practitioner, I’ve rediscovered the magic and power of the brain and nervous system. I’ve seen musculoskeletal patterns that have been with people for their entire lives positively change in one session.

I find that by integrating Feldenkrais into a Havening session, a client can often find a deeper sense of physical relief, calm and peace.

I’m not just a practitioner and teacher — I’m a student, client and believer!

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post-traumatic stress disorder


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Getting unstuck!

I had been struggling with moving forward on a new business venture and with all of my efforts, I simply was not moving forward because I had problems following through or completing tasks. I felt stuck, full of frustration and panic. Working with Susan in the Havening process helped to identify emotional blocks. She helped me to clear a few of them, and gave me the tools to continue to work on others. Her intuition was spot on and she truly listened to and heard me. I am finding it easier to acknowledge other issues, not blame myself for them (or anyone else), and create behaviors to move beyond them. 
—Cheryl, Lakewood, CO
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No longer angry!

I had the opportunity to participate in a havening session with Susan around a past event in my life that continued to anger me. I have talked to a therapist about this issue, and talking about the issue alone would often make me feel angry all over again.
With havening, I was able to break past that anger. As Susan coached me through the havening technique, I realized that I had been wanting to stay angry. Havening helped soothe my hurt feelings and sense of betrayal, and calmed me to the point that I was ready to begin to experience a different emotion. I feel like the anger no longer pops up out of nowhere—like I am reliving it.
I’m still working through this issue, but I’m not interested in feeling “angry for the sake of being angry” about it anymore, and am instead feeling productive about getting myself to a better space, and learning about myself and how I handle some situations. Havening helped me see that I am deserving of other feelings beyond anger. 
—Katie, Washington, DC
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Release from memories that were running my life

I initially sought Havening Techniques® sessions with Susan because I was experiencing moments of emotional upheaval in my daily life that seemed random. For example, in the middle of my work day I’d find myself overwhelmed to the point of tears. These disruptive emotional upheavals would come on without warning, making it very stressful and difficult to work, meet with clients, maintain focus and communicate —all things I enjoy and at which I normally excel. It made no logical sense to me!
Besides feeling emotionally out of sorts and even a bit out of control, I would experience these episodes as a tightening in my throat, neck, shoulders and chest and I’d find myself in tears for seemingly no reason. Lot's of uncontrolable tears!
Before coming to Susan, I tried changing my nutrition, exercise, supplements, and cbd/thc solutions along with prayer and meditation. These seemed to bring some temporary relief but I really can't say that these things helped or if it was just the upside of a cycle.
During our three sessions together, Susan led me through a process where I connected with some old memories/feelings/traumas that I had experienced as a child and feel them in my body. This work is very gentle and I alway felt safe and comfortable. This process helped me to become aware that these same types of experiences have been repeating throughout my adult life in some form or another. It was as if some of the painful experiences I was holding from my past were subconsciously running my adult life and I could no longer keep the old feelings suppressed.
Since these sessions, I feel SO much less affected by the old memories/feelings/traumas. I don't cry any longer about those feelings. I don't have emotional upheaval when stress comes on. I feel relief. And I have tools to remove myself from that type of moment when they come up again, though they don't come up as frequently, nor nearly as severely.
–Chriseda, Golden, CO

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Increased clarity and abundance

Havening Therapy with Susan Van Note has been truly life changing! I was struggling with anxiety related to family dynamics and career stress. I was feeling overwhelmed, lost, and exhausted. Susan introduced me to a cutting-edge technique called Havening. Apparently Havening is incredibly effective at quieting the overstimulated central nervous system. It turns out that when the CNS takes a break you begin to get clarity and direction in abundance. This was my experience anyway. After only three sessions I can truly say that I feel more calm, confident, and have a great deal more clarity in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend working with Susan! She has a kind, nurturing, and calming presence. She's infinitely patient and wise, and she really knows her stuff! Havening with Susan was one of the best decisions of my life and I'll continue to see her when new issues arise!
—Kelly, Boulder, CO
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