Georgia Allen

Certified Practitioner since July 2022

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I am a Self-relationship coach.  I focus on self-relationship as it is the foundation for our lives and the key to our thriving.

 I combine different modalities to create a comprehensive and tailored approach.  This allows you to integrate and release past traumas, detrimental fears and limiting beliefs while helping you build self-compassion, resilience and trust. Through this process, we create a space for you to develop an understanding of your core needs and values. This gives you the clarity and confidence to create the life and relationships you truly desire.

 My training includes different coaching styles, somatic therapies and effective communication frameworks, such as; Neuro-transformational coaching, Co-creative coaching, Havening Techniques, Breathwork, NLP and NVC. I am also currently completing my training as a VITA love, sex and relationship coach

Areas of specialization