Michelle Nardone

Certified Practitioner since October 2022

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As a coach and somatic practitioner, I am passionate about bringing body, mind and heart in greater resonance. With my clients, we focus on connecting to their unique innate truth, cultivating greater understanding, fulfillment and direction, whether they are in a transition, developing their relationships or career, or healing patterns that are no longer serving them. Fuelled by my personal interest to understand the effects of trauma, I participated in the Traumatic Stress Studies Certification and became a certified Havening Practitioner. Having survived an accident as a 12 year old, where I thought I had died, I sensed viscerally how it can all be gone so quickly. I found myself drawn to embodiment practices and wisdom traditions to recover and understand what it means for me to live life fully. I found Havening to be a gentle and effective technique to help clients build resilience and compassionately heal. 

Yoga and Insight Meditation have been a foundation of my own practice for deeper integration since the 90s. As a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, I love bringing this gift of well-being to others. My knowledge and competences culminate as a solid foundation for clients to be able to unfold themselves more to gain insight and tools so they can flourish.


I am coming from a background in education, where I have worked with hundreds of professional artists to deepen their unique talents and career path, for nearly 20 years as department head of creative education programs in an international environment. I am originally from Rhode Island, USA, though I have been living in Denmark since 2002. I am an amateur gardener, chef, seamstress and photographer. I love spending time in nature. You will often find me hiking in forests, taking photos and perhaps foraging mushrooms along the way.

Areas of specialization


Viborg, Denmark