Debbie Routly

Certified Practitioner since May 2024

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I am Debbie, a clinical hypnotherapist based in North Cornwall. I use hypnosis along with Havening,  Neuro -Linguistic Programming (NLP) and  Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) to help my clients make positive changes to their lives. These techniques can be used as a combination or on their own, depending on what is required. The therapy I offer is tailored to the individual and is very much client focused. Having experienced all of the techniques I use, I know the amazing impact they can have.

We have the resources within us to be able to deal with and manage modern day life and its stressors, my job is to direct you to them and teach you how to use them to the best effect.

I provide my clients with a well- equipped tool-box to help them deal with any issues  they have, which can be used now and in the future. This enables my clients to work through current difficulties and blocks and then builds resilience for the future.

I like to provide a relaxed and safe place for my clients to achieve their full potential. I can work with my clients face to face in my therapy room or can work online which gives me the flexibility to work with anyone, anywhere in the world.


Before training to become a hypnotherapist I worked in our local primary school for 18 years where I helped hundreds of children to learn and work towards a positive future and these skills are easily transferred into my therapy work.

I work with both children and adults the same and have helped many achieve a brighter more positive future.

 I am the proud owner of Debbie Routly Hypnotherapy and specialise in helping people overcome stress and anxiety, phobias, trauma and confidence issues.

You can check out my website for a detailed list of services and client testimonials.






Areas of specialization

Addictions, Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, Food addiction, Gambling addiction, Internet addiction, Quit smoking, Anger management, Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Blushing, Bruxism (teeth grinding), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Eating disorders, Exam nerves, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Obsessions and compulsions, Pain management, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Public speaking, Relaxation, Insomnia, Sports performance, Stress, Stuttering, Tinnitus, Weight loss, Gastric band hypnotherapy, Adolescents, Grief, Interview Nerves, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Shyness, Confidence, Empowerment, Weight, Bereavement, Breathwork


West End Farm, Tresparrett, Camelford, Cornwall. Pl32 9SX