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Certified Practitioner since June 2014
Certified Trainer

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LOUISE CARMI - Certified Havening Practitioner, Havening Authorised Trainer. Chair of Veterans Havening UK.

SNLP Master Practitioner, (former) Child Safeguarding Designated Nurse, Health Visitor, Primary Care Tutor, Cot/Crib Death Specialist Nurse.  Working in North London and Harley Street, and world-wide via skype.  Louise's therapeutic work is recommended and endorsed by Dr Paul McKenna Ph D.

Louise has a wealth of experience over many years supporting individuals, families and colleagues affected by serious and complex adverse life events, in a sensitive and practical way. A former specialist nurse, working in Safeguarding Children and within Multi-Agency Partnerships. She has demonstrable talent in helping clients to make the transformation from feeling out of control and overwhelmed, into a calm and positive state. She works with a wide range of issues which includes the removal of life limiting fears, phobias, trauma, bereavement and pain.

Louise’s expertise in Havening Techniques, and results gained are attracting increasingly diverse clients. From young students who may be struggling in School or University, to people of middle and older ages whose lives have been limited by PTSD and long held complex trauma. Havening opens up the ability to work content free in situations that are often too difficult to put into words.

Training and Support:
Louise is one of the first six Certified Havening Trainers to have been appointed worldwide.  She enjoys the adventure and challenge of bringing Havening to a wider audience. The 2 day authorised Havening Training sessions are supported by a small group of Certified and experienced Haveners.  Louise has presented and supported trainings in the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA and Norway. Since late 2016 Louise has introduced an additional learning opportunity attached to the 2 day training.  The third day extends the opportunity to practice the variety of Havening Techniques, in a safe place, promoting confidence and supporting integration within the student's existing skill set.

Please see www.louisecarmi.com for information and future training events.

London Area Havening Practise Group:

Since 2014 Louise has had an ongoing commitment to the support and development of emerging Haveners post their 2 day Training.  This successful and lively Practise Group meets regularly in Central London. Our participants come from far and wide, to network, share practise and skills, continue learning and of course have some fun. 

Louise is supported in this by her husband Dr Michael Carmi, former Professor of Primary Care and GP Educationalist.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information and dates.

Veterans Havening Committee, UK Chair:

Malika Stephenson, Havening Veterans Worldwide Co-ordinator has established the Havening Veterans Committee, of which Louise is UK Chair. For veterans related information please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This Committee is formed of Haveners and Veterans.  This committee's purpose is to co-ordinate activities, strengthen practise, untake research, support practitioners in working with complex Military PTSD and Veteran Family related PTSD.


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Emetophobia (causing absence from university)

I'm not scared of being sick anymore! Well, I haven't felt sick since we met, but I'm not bringing it upon myself anymore, which was the main thing! I've also not been feeling so anxious, which is another positive! In our session I remember you saying that 'they were just thoughts', which really stuck, as my thoughts are just thoughts and are not reality, so the negative ones I might as well ignore. I have also been doing some of the self-havening, since it seems to relax me almost instantaneously. We have had a problem with mice on my floor the past week as well, and a few of the girls who had mice in their room were scared to go back in (which is understandable). I showed them the self-havening leaflet and we all did it together, which was very funny but it was also very beneficial, and we were all laughing about how weird it actually was! Thank you again!

LA (Wales) February 2015
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Positive Transformations

Once again, thank you so much for helping me change life's course to a better, emotionally healthier and happier direction.
Havening has made a huge impact on my life- from a lost girl with dreams but without the means to get there, hampered with self doubt, negativity and much lack of confidence, Havening has given me the tools to achieve a positive, happier state of being with total self belief, enabling new opportunities to be seized and acted upon. In such little time my life has changed dramatically. This is the most important and significant positive transformation of my life. Thank you again so very, very much.

H.M (London) November 2014
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Panic Attacks

I first saw Louise for NLP sessions in 2012. She helped me cope with a very stressful situation at home in which I was having panic attacks and I felt I couldn't cope any more!!

The treatment gave me strength and I was able to deal with my life.
I've had a few follow up sessions using NLP and Havening in the past year and feel like a new person who sees life through a different perspective.

I have become very interested in Havening and NLP myself since being treated. It has changed my life . I have recently attended an NLP seminar with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler.

N. M. ( London) June 2014
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Grief / Distress

I first met Louise 21 years ago when my baby died of cot death syndrome and had a lot of support from her.
In the past 2 years I have faced difficult personal situations that have resulted in me re-living some of the previous traumatic events in my life. I asked Louise for help.
I had one afternoon session of Havening and found it amazing that I could let go of the turmoil in my head. It helped me feel much more calm and able to cope. It is hard to explain how it works – it just does!

J W (Hertfordshire) May 2014
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Chronic Pain

I went to see Louise for Havening, primarily to help with c pain, and it soon became apparent that I would not only benefit in this area , but would gain so much more from the sessions. My Rheumatologist diagnosed Psoriatic Arthritis which began about 10 years ago. Within only 3 sessions of Havening I found I suddenly had tools to help with managing the pain, which led to me halving my pain medication and sometimes being pain and medication free.
The Havening created a wonderful sense of relaxation and calm. Additionally it made a significant difference to stress and anxiety levels, helping with confidence and crucially allowing me to move forward many areas of my life. I would like to say Thank you so much to Louise for the Havening treatments, help, support and advice. I am very grateful for how this has helped me so far and I'm sure it will continue to do so in the future, thank you.

MF (Surrey) August 2015
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Frog Phobia

I know this may sound strange. I had a severe frog phobia for about 50 years. This has affected me to such an extent that I was hypervigilant when going out into anywhere I may see a frog and especially in my huge garden. If was not only outside the house : if I was watching a TV programme and a stream or pond appeared, I had to immediately change channels or switch off , in fear of seeing a frog.

I had one session of Havening with Louise Carmi in November 2013 and I could not believe how something so simple could work so quickly. My fear of frogs has gone.

In May 2014 I moved to my dream house, which has a stream running through the garden. I saw a big fat frog in a nearby road this week, and I did not run away screaming !

Thank you Louise.

S F (Somerset) July 2013
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Stress / Confidence

I went to see Louise Carmi about a year ago when I was undergoing family changes which were extremely stressful. I found the sessions helpful in significantly reducing my stress and anxiety, which prior to our initial meeting were unbearable. They also increased my confidence, so that I was able to deal with the situations that arose and the constant fear of threat. Her work enabled me to realise that we have a choice about the life we lead and gave me the opportunity to say 'no' when negative thoughts and actions attempt to dominate day to day life. I am so thankful for the support she gave me. I am certain that my circumstances would have spiralled out of control had Louise not taught me how to regain my inner strength, voice and empowerment.
S H (London) February 2014
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Paul McKenna Ph.D

'Louise Carmi is an expert in helping people with Havening and a highly-experienced healthcare professional. She is able to help people overcome trauma, PTSD, and reduce pain amongst many other things. I frequently recommend people to Louise.'
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Enfield, UK
Harley St Therapy Centre, London, UK