Nico Mulatz

Certified Practitioner since March 2016

Nico Mulatz is founder of „Sani Rauchfrei“, a coaching and therapy company specializing on smoking cessation. He has been a professional hypnotherapist for eight years, having trained in classical as well as hypnoanalytical methodologies, and is fully licensed to deliver psychotherapy in Germany. His interest in the Havening Techniques® sparked early on, when he was introduced to it by a live session delivered by Olf Stoiber. He know combines the different Havening protocols with his hypnotherapeutic interventions in order to help smokers quit the habit even more effectively, but also lends a helping hand to clients suffering from stress, anxiety and traumatic experience.

Olf Stoiber, his trainer, comments: „I’m particularly happy Nico chose to become a fully certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, because he has an elegant and empathic way of working and I know he’s a great benefit to any client working with him.“