Malika Stephenson

Certified Practitioner since March 2014

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Malika Stephenson is Veterans Coordinator for Havening Techniques, Therapist & Complex Trauma Specialist, Independent Trainer and runs her own company offering Change Work.

Malika is an experienced Havening Techniques practitioner in Yorkshire (Hull) based at a successful private practice. She initially trained in HT in 2013 as she recognised that this revolutionary new treatment complimented her integrative professional approach and aligned with her ethos to offer clients the ability to overcome their challenges and move towards a 'better place' swiftly with sustained outcomes.

With a professional background working for 14 years as a social worker with complex mental health and psychosocial needs (with individuals, families and therapeutic / behavioural change groups), Malika developed her expertise by furthering her accreditation in Havening Techniques, CBT, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Solution Focussed Therapy, Brief Therapy and Family Group Conferencing. This wide range of training and experience enables her to be equipped to offer a truly integrative and client-centred approach to meet individual needs with unique understanding, sensitivity and professionalism.

Now a respected independent trainer having assisted HT training including the UK and USA, presented at the UK Havening Conference 2015 alongside military Veterans about their collaborative work, various social work training programmes, and more recently developing her own specialist training based on professional experience of effective approaches and techniques to support positive change.

Sokalmia® (Sensory Overloaded Kinesthetic Auditory Linguistic Mindfulness In Action) is an evidence based approach that utilises a biopsychosocial/holistic understanding and response to emotional barriers to empowerment and positive change. It offers communication and therapeutic tools to support professionals to further develop their understanding and practice in working with multiple/ complex needs and trauma.

Malika holds the position of Havening Techniques Veterans Coordinator and has led and developed an international branch of professionals with the skills and expertise required to support the recovery of military Veterans and their families with the aftermath of service related trauma. This is an emerging specialist area of work that continues to develop aligning with evidence based professional practice.

Malika has experience in working with individuals, couples, families and groups presenting with a wide range of issues. Session availability may be negotiated for both daytime and evening, and also by Skype or telephone for those out of area. Full registration to accredited professional body and Disclosure and Barring Certificate (UK) is held. To enquire about any of the services listed above telephone 07800 556789, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hull, UK