Ronn Young

Certified Practitioner since November 2014
Certified Trainer

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Ronn Young is a highly regarded practitioner in the compassion industry who has served over the
span of 35 years as a psychotherapist, neuropsychotherapist, a diplomate in energy psychology
and currently as clinical counselor in traumatology. Ronn is the first certified Havening Practitioner in Canada, as
well as Canada’s first certified trainer in the Havening Techniques® and CEO & President of the
Havening Institute of Canada. The Havening Institute of Canada equips and establishes
therapists, physicians and other practitioners across the nation in the havening protocols. Ronn is
privileged to serve the Medical Trust Clinics in Oshawa, Ontario, alongside several physicians,
chiropractors and other practitioners in eclectic healing modalities. He is also CEO of Young and
Associates, a life enrichment coaching firm enrolling corporate professionals, individual and
celebrity personalities into a thriving life manifest. Ronn specializes with individuals who
have had a broken-world experience.


Toronto, Canada
Oshawa, Canada