Sonja Ilitz

Certified Practitioner since December 2016

+49-(0)8851 - 92 46 60
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Sonja Ilitz is an Alternative Health Practitioner with over a decade of experience. She runs a successful practice in Kochel am See, a beautiful village surrounded by various lakes and Bavarian moutains.After having offered a variety of classical alternative health treatments, she discovered her talent in guiding people through deep change processes and advanced to train as a hypnotherapist. The Havening Techniques® seemed to be a logical addition to her skillset - so she decided to join the training course in Munich in June 2016.
During the following certification phase, Sonja gathered considerable experience working with all sorts of symptoms and clients, putting an emphasis on delivering the Havening Techniques® to children (as young as 7 years old) and young adults. She has proven a high fluency in combining the various Havening protocols, and also in combining them with her other treatment modalities to offer her clients a full healing experience.
Olf Stoiber, her trainer, comments: "I've known Sonja for the better part of two years, having been a trainer on her initial hypnotherapy training class. Adding the Havening Techniques® to her toolbox now offers her clients an unique experience and opportunity to shed symptoms and gain new strengths. She has put a lot of effort into documenting her certification sessions and knowing her style of working as well as her high integrity as well as empathy, I couldn't be happier to have her on board of the German speaking Havening Practitioners."
Sonja can be contacted for individual sessions via her website or by phone on +49-(0)8851 - 92 46 60.


82431 Kochel am See GERMANY