Debora Casey

Certified Practitioner since October 2016
Certified Trainer

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Debora's curiosity, life experiences and enjoyment of helping others has motivated her to be amongst the first few Havening practitioners' in Australia. 


Debora  has qualified and is skillful in using a wide range of healing therapies  -  Master Neuro -Linguistic Programming Practitioner and NLP Trainer, Master Coach of NLP, Master practitioner of Time Line Therapy, Master Hypnotist, Massage therapist, Reiki Master. She has also studied Heart Healing and Touch For Health synthesis.


She is passionate about supporting people through their crisis points, assisting with blocks and issues arising from  their past experiences, and those who are ready to embrace change or the learning that come from engaging with their inner self ( unconscious) to be the best they can be in the present time. 


With patience, flexibility and a natural ability to work outside of the box she ultilizes her skills and  abilities in a balanced and holistic way, putting clients at ease and helping them build self confidence. 


Experienced with working with adults and children Debora can assist them to build resilience, be empowered to take responsibility  for their healing and motivation through many  issues including physical and emotional pain, weight correction , smoking cessation, grief / bereavement, bullying, traumatic life experiences, accidents and injuries, addictions , phobias,  performance enhancing, breaking unwanted habits, PTSD, abuse. 


Debora is the 3rd Havening Practitioner to be Certified in Australia, and is a founder member of the first Australian  Havening Practice Support Group.



Queensland, Brisbane - Ipswich - Regional
City Cave, Ipswich