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Certified Practitioner since June 2017

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Karen Hedges, a Rapid Transformational Therapist:RTT®, discovered the life changing Havening Techniques® in 2015 when she was doing research for a book on the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. 

Her early career was in traditional Western medicine, but after a decade she realised that the medical profession was primarily only treating the symptoms of disease. And it was actually  life’s ‘stressors’ that were   predominantly the main cause of most illnesses, both physically and emotionally.

After first researching the Havening Techniques®, and then becoming inspired to train to become a Certified Practitioner, she quickly realised that this was the missing link for humanity. Not only could Havening quickly and easily transform people from disempowerment back to their inherent empowered state, but also move many from illness back to wellness - both physically and emotionally. 

Equally fascinating to Karen is the ability and flexibility of these phenomenal techniques to also be used to develop peak performance in individuals - in the arts, sporting arena and the corporate sector.

It is her mission to share this empowering gift with the world. If you would like to experience a session with Karen, and explore how the Havening Techniques®, together with her other modalities can completely transform your life, contact her by email to arrange a time that suits: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Havening Techniques®, a better life through neuroscience.



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'The Body Bears the Burden"

Until I met Karen, I had no idea how intricately the mind and body are intertwined.

I had developed a nasty skin condition – an angry, red rash on my face, hands and legs that was incredibly debilitating, and was driving me to distraction.

I had been to a GP and a dermatologist who had run numerous tests and prescribed medications, with absolutely no relief.

After three months of various treatments, nobody had any clue as to what was going on, and all of the test results came back negative.

When I was referred to Karen for a Havening session she explained that the body can often bear the burden of stressful situations that have happened in our lives.

We traced back to an unresolved, very negative incident that I experienced about a month before the angry, red rash appeared. The light bulb moment came for me when she asked what was the main emotion around the incident, and I immediately said, “I was ANGRY and I still am!” I was still seething over what had happened.

After less than 10 minutes of Havening I felt completely free of the issue that had been playing upon my mind for 4 months. It was as if a mountain had been lifted off me. I had clarity around the whole situation, and I had completely released this burden, moving from fury to freedom so effortlessly. I also felt immediate relief from the ‘angry’, red rash - which completely disappeared over the next 24 hours.

Was it just the Havening that was the cause of this 'miraculous' recovery? In my mind, definitely YES!

I would absolutely recommend Karen if you have any unresolved physical or emotional issues that you want to be free of, she is a highly skilled and incredibly compassionate human being.

Ian New Zealand

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Freedom from Trauma, Addictions and Limiting Beliefs

I cannot thank Karen Hedges enough!

Before my Havening session I was living with many self-sabotaging beliefs, addictions and behaviors. At the time, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and was living with a life long trauma that had taken away my truth, my innocence and any belief that I was worthy of anything.

After one session my whole life transformed and I couldn't believe - that with no real effort, I had taken back the direction of my life and was no longer the passenger of it.

I highly recommend Karen, she is an incredible woman and just being in her company you feel healed. 

Danielle, England
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Inner Peace and Spiritual Insight

Karen is an exceptionally gifted healer, with a true heart of gold.

Recently I had the privilege of receiving Havening and
I found it to be a profoundly powerful, healing modality.

Karen has such a deep commitment to her craft, and a genuine love and care for humanity.

For anyone seeking divine spiritual insight and inner peace, Karen is the lady to see.

Catherine, Australia
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From overwhelming guilt and despair to peace and worthiness

Good morning Karen 

I just wanted to tell you that I feel like a totally different person after our session…. for the better! It’s nothing short of miraculous!

I slept through last night for the first time since my mother passed away 3 months ago - and I have this huge calm inside me. The overwhelming guilt and despair of being unable to travel overseas to be with her because of the pandemic have been replaced with peace.

I saw my 91 year old father having a turn yesterday in video chat in a Paris hospice - it’s the last painful moments - but I can weather this storm as I know for sure now that it is only a ‘change of overcoat’ for him and he will soon be reunited with his beloved Mimi. Plus he will always live on in my heart. 

I feel full of gratitude for your work enabling this in me. And you know, for the first time in my 58 years, I feel worthy. 

I want to share this Havening with everyone and shout it from the roof tops!  I have already been able to help my brother and comfort my Papa with this new knowledge you gave me. 

Lots of love to you, Karen - you are an earth angel.
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Golf 'Yips" to a Hole-In-One!

You wont believe this Karen!

I played my first game of golf today since our Havening session and not only did I putt the best I’ve ever puttted in my entire life, I also got my first hole-in-one!

The ‘yips’ have completely gone and I was totally relaxed and in the moment the whole time- just like we visualised when havening in the session.

I can’t thank you enough – my love for the game is back – even though I had to ‘shout’ the bar on the 19th hole after achieving the hole-in-one!

Thomas, Australia
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Anxiety and Panic Attacks disappear after one session

After suffering several years of anxiety and panic attacks, I reached out to Karen during a particularly traumatic time in my life. I was experiencing overwhelming emotions and a fogginess of clarity that would not allow me to move from my current high anxiety state.

After our Havening session, I not only felt an instant sense of peace, but I was able to detach from the trauma I was experiencing due to the events that had led me to that day. My perspective changed instantly, and I have since found that situations I would view in the past as highly stressful, are no longer the catalyst for the anxiety and panic attacks I once experienced.

I feel very grateful that I was able to experience and learn the tools of Havening in that one session, as I know with certainty that these are special tools I am able to use at any time to avoid that dark place I once found myself in.

Genevieve, Brisbane
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Last Chance for a Happy, Healthy Baby

Karen, you saved my life!

Words can’t express how grateful I am for your love, guidance and support during my pregnancy.

Baby Yasmin has arrived and she is PERFECT! Just like you said she would be in my recording.

Plus, I don’t know what would have happened without you and my Havening session when I was in crisis at 25 weeks. I will always be grateful for everything you have done for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lauren, 43 Melbourne
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