Trudy Keating

Certified Practitioner since June 2015

+44 07925829636
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Trudy is both a Certified Practitioner of Havening and a DailyMindFitness Coach. She has over 30+ years as an educator and recently co-authored a number one best selling book called 'A New Paradigm of Education'.
Trudy's excellent deliverance in teaching people 'how' to successfully get control of the voice in their head, results in her clients being able to control their everyday unhelpful thoughts. This enables her clients to not only live a life they deserve but live a life free from self-doubt and self-sabatoge. Trudy's clients find the courage they need to re build their confidence and become empowered as well as learn how to value themselves and how to love themselves unconditionally.  Trudy's trusting and friendly approach enables her clients to immediately build up a an amazing rapport with her  where they  feel safe to open up. Her clients become unstoppable. Trudy ensures all her clients are able to confidently ‘self-haven’ before leaving a session with her.


West Mersea, Colchester Essex