Sandy Robson

Certified Practitioner since January 2018

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I’m Sandy Robson and I’ve been a hypnotherapist, with a practice in Harley Street for over 8 years, and feel very passionate about the work I do. After initially training as a counsellor, I was drawn to working with the subconscious because, in my opinion, ‘talking story’ never really got to the root cause of a challenging issue, and I wanted to find therapeutic resources that painlessly, effectively and safely helped people in a way that offered real solutions, to real issues. I was always searching for additional ways to help my traumatized clients, from mild to severe traumas and consequently studied Inner Child work, The Journey Process (based on the bestselling book by Brandon Bays) and NLP, and used it alongside hypnotherapy. However, my drive to develop my repertoire and learn new therapeutic techniques was constant, and I was excited to discover Havening. I instantly knew it was for me and would fit well with many of my clients. I was fascinated by the process, not to mention its effectiveness at permanently removing traumatic memories stored in the brain, a process that I tend to witness on a regular basis now.  I’ve had clients leave my office feeling a deep and significant shift, relief and freedom, after years of suffering. This for me is the best feeling in the world, and it never gets old.  

I’m a writer, an artist, healer and therapist. I would say that the part of me that brings forth the most joy and satisfaction is being a guide and facilitator to an individual’s well-being, healing and growth.  My practice focuses on trauma, low self esteem, weight loss issues, depression, addiction, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. However, I confidently work with most issues.

Each client is a unique and special individual, therefore all my sessions are integrative and I use all the tools and resources at my disposal to assist a person in moving forward with their lives.

This is your life, live it to the fullest.

Sandy Robson

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