Robin Youngson

Certified Practitioner since July 2018
Certified Trainer

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As a recently retired medical specialist, Dr Robin Youngson is excited to integrate Havening Touch into medical science and to facilitate research trials on the application of Havening Touch to patients with both physical and mental health problems. He has a deep interest in mind-body medicine and believes that many people may be cured of their physical illness by healing the underlying emotional trauma.

Robin brings thirty five years of medical practice and a deep healing intention to the care of clients. He has helped clients recover from phobias, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, emotional trauma, and associated health problems - freeing them to become the very best version of themselves.

Robin is widely known for his compassionate, healing approach to client care. He has helped many people recover from traumatic medical events and is skilled in creating a trusting relationship and safe experience for his clients. He also brings compassion to his fellow health workers and has run workshops on self-care and wellbeing for health professionals, encouraging them to connect to the deeper aspects of their care for patients. He has coached and supported doctors who find themselves in personal or professional difficulties.

Robin lives and practices in the small town of Raglan in New Zealand. He offers Havening Techniques Traiing courses in the same location.

Robin is also an author, speaker, and internationally renowned leader in compassionate healthcare. He is the cofounder of Hearts in Healthcare and his work on compassionate healthcare has taken him to fifteen countries. His book, ‘TIME TO CARE – How to love your patients and your job’ is translated into Dutch, German and Hungarian.

His new book, 'TIME TO HEAL - Better me, better world through the astonishing new science of self-healing' is available on Amazon.

Robin has held many leadership roles in healthcare at a local, national and international level. In 2016, the New Zealand Medical Association award Robin their highest honor, the Chair’s Award, for outstanding contribution to the health of New Zealand.

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Panic attacks, Phobias, Childbirth, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Pain management, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Relationship issues, Insomnia, Stress, medically diagnosed illnesses and disease, Self-Belief, Shyness


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Guided Self-havening
A free self-healing resource using Havening Techniques ®. Build your resilience, positivity and joy in the comfort of your own home. Recommended as a daily practice. For more information on Havening Techniques, see the website at Video presented by Dr Robin Youngson, Certified Havening ® Practitioner, anesthesiologist, and the Cofounder of Hearts in Healthcare.


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So amazed, I took the training!

Dr Robin Youngson worked with me in Havening sessions in 2018. I would like to recommend him as being a compassionate and sincere Practitioner of the Havening technique.

He has remarkable skill in enabling you, the client, to find your way through your unfolding trauma or life event while gently supporting you to do this.

While experiencing a Havening session, I was amazed at the effect it had at many different levels. Also because of this personal experience I went on to train in Havening Touch.

- Linda Keen, Bowen Therapist
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I have suffered from claustrophobia for as long as I can remember. I am not confident in lifts, caves and I hate small hotel rooms. I have tried to tell myself to get over it but I was getting desperate because this fear was ruining travel.

I was skeptical about Havening Touch as I am not normally drawn to alternative medicine/remedies. Robin was completely professional, caring and responsive throughout the therapy sessions. An amazing experience. Now I’m feeling so confident, I recently visited the Gold Coast and we stayed on the 16th floor. I had no fear of the lift!

I now use havening techniques whenever I feel stressed and have discussed the technique with my daughter and she is also finding it useful. We have watched Robin's self-Havening video together.

Please, if you have an emotional trauma, phobia or PTSD, work with Robin.
He is an ethical clinician. He is kind, he is responsive, and non threatening.
Thank you Robin.

- Linda, Retired School Principal
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Earthquake phobia

I’d suffered years of constant, irrational fear of another large earthquake following the Christchurch earthquakes of 2011. My fear affected every decision I made, especially around South Island travel.

I'd never heard of Havening touch before so I was uncertain and a little sceptical. Robin’s very calm approach and total belief in the process was reassuring. I was able to acknowledge my fear being a real thing; actually putting the fear feelings into words; allowing myself to let it go. I found that by sharing my anxiety and trusting the Havening process my anxiety over the earthquakes is no longer a constant burden. It worked for me beyond my expectations.

I would absolutely recommend Robin’s clinic.

- Irene, Personnel Manager
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Severe anxiety and depression

For the past four years I have had 6-12 weeks of severe anxiety and depression with a huge impact on my life.

I had not heard about Havening Touch and wasn’t sure how it would go.

What I noticed was Robin’s compassion, so tangible and comforting. He is totally present and focused on me without distraction. Robin is intuitive and can pick up quickly when my mood changes and how I am responding to Havening minute by minute.

Havening therapy has been healing for my present wellness and also for the trauma of past experiences and relationships which have had a negative impact on my life. I now have much more peace and feeling of hope and enthusiasm for the future. I can treat myself by watching Robin’s havening video.

I absolutely recommend Robin’s therapy. He is an outstanding human being and I feel blessed to be havening with him.

- Claire
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I felt so much more prepared

I was preparing to enter a full-time caregiving situation with a close relative, with whom I had a difficult relationship. I wanted to mentally and emotionally prepare and a friend recommended Robin’s clinic. I had never heard of Havening before this and did some research before my session so that I'd know what to expect.

During my session, I was relieved to learn that I didn't have to explain my traumas or provide details. What surprised me most was how quickly I was able to access the feelings that had been problematic and begin work with Robin. I appreciated Robin's gentle demeanour, explanations, and coaching throughout the session. It was an intense experience for me, and afterwards I felt tired and relieved.

In the days following the sessions (I had two), I felt encouraged from within and more equipped to handle the journey ahead. I would absolutely recommend Robin's clinic to others.

- Amy
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Why did I always choose men who put me down and criticised me? I had low-self-esteem and anxiety in relationships and was unable to put myself in front of a loving and kind person, knowing full well this is what I deserved.

I had EFT tapping therapy as a teenager for the mental trauma of being sexually abused as a small child, so I was curious about Havening Touch.

After my first experience of havening touch with Robin, I observed a huge difference in my assertiveness, within a day it just happened! And my words came out with a soft kindness, there was no sense of shame for sticking up for myself. My self-esteem was blossoming as was my confidence.

I booked myself for a second appointment without being clear on what I was there for. I raced in late and Robin appeared to adjust to what time we had, I felt reassured and safe in that the session was intuitively guided.

I decided I wanted to rid my body and mind of the close bond with a man who was draining my energy, yet I felt a strong connection with him. My second havening was very powerful, The touch zoned me into an intense reliving of how I felt when I was with this person. Again the results were almost instant, within a day I felt quite different. I still had respect and even cared for this person but a new level of courage and respect for myself now outweighed the connection with him.

I told Robin that I wanted to be the best me that I could be, I feel passionate about realising my full potential as a human being. I am knowing now that Havening has added the confidence, self-love and trust in myself that I am now experiencing.

I highly recommend it to everybody, I now incorporate this touch on myself during my classes as a dance instructor, I have noticed myself using havening touch on myself as an instinct. It just happens!

- Dance Instructor
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Severe PTSD

Basically, when I went to see Robin I was a mess. I had years of severe PTSD, I was too afraid to eat because of intense gut pain, I was weak and had mental confusion. I had not been able to hold a job down for years because of my chronic health issues. No form of therapy had helped.

Within a few sessions I was eating without any pain or bloating afterwards and had more energy than I had in years. My PTSD symptoms vanished. My emotional health is so improved, it’s really helped my marriage. Now I’m a full-time student doing a master’s degree.

I cannot recommend Robin and the method of Havening enough.

- a grateful Postgraduate Student
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Anxiety attacks and sleep disturbance

I was having anxiety attacks and struggling to sleep after a traumatic hospital experience.

In the past, I had tried traditional therapies for other mental health problems and found they didn't help as much as I'd hoped. I had not heard about Havening before, so I was apprehensive.

Robin creates a very comfortable environment and is very empathetic. My sleep improved after the first session and my anxiety improved week after week. I think Robin has a natural ability with Havening. I was blown away at how fast it worked!

Thanks Robin for making my recovery from hospitalisation just 3 months... without Havening, I believe it could have gone on for years.

- Ross
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Housebound with severe anxiety

I was suffering from anxiety for some years, but it turned so severe, I had been unable to leave my house for three months. I felt like the world was going to attack me.

I was sceptical about Havening at first. The idea of the Havening touch is hard to grasp until you experience it first hand. I had tried many other types of therapy before reaching out to Robin.

I couldn’t leave my home so Robin came to me for our first few sittings together. I felt that was incredibly moving, as it made the experience feel a lot more human and friendly. He has a delicate presence and warmth that made me feel like everything was going to be ok. After our first session, I was astonished to be able to leave my home and go for a walk without fear.

Robin not only helped me to control my anxiety and maintain a healthier mindset but he taught me to apply the techniques of the Havening touch to myself. I became aware that there were layers to my anxiety that needed healing in further sessions. Now, I can stop further panic attacks and control them if they ever do arise. Also, I now have an understanding what anxiety actually is and how it behaves/manifests.

I would absolutely recommend anyone struggling with anxiety or any mental disorder to seek help through Robin. He gave me my life back.

- Xavier
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I felt completely reborn

My trauma included a serious car crash, the grief of losing four people close to me, as well as severe facial pain from trigeminal neuralgia. This past trauma was constantly triggered by everyday life. This became exhausting and affected every aspect of my life, especially my relationships with family and friends.

Upon receiving Havening Touch I felt completely reborn. A deep sense of peace and calm suffused my whole body - an incredible release and letting go of what was no longer serving me from the past. A huge burden had been lifted.

This has been transformational for me in learning to be well and having the energy to live a purposeful and productive life.

Robin, your gentle and compassionate nature immediately created a nurturing environment in which to receive this treatment. Through intuitive questioning you were able to identify and confirm intentions at the beginning.

The benefits have been enormous. I am no longer burdened by the past and as a consequence I have much more energy to express myself. I am much calmer and more in control of my emotions and better able to cope with challenging situations.

I have gained a new perspective, a higher level of awareness, I am able to feel the joy again. I can now look back and celebrate the positive things from the past, that are no longer tainted by trauma.

I would definitely recommend Havening Touch to deal with difficult trauma or grief from your past that you feel is holding you back and making you unwell. The realisation that I am now able to self-haven fills me with great hope in managing any future issues.

- Gilli
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Years of anxiety after car crash

I got in touch with Robin to book a Havening Touch session as I hoped that after experiencing a fairly serious car accident it might help me feel calmer while driving. Although the accident was quite a few years ago, I still found myself easily startled / jumpy while in cars. I didn't really know much about Havening Touch and wasn't sure how effective it would be - it sounded a bit 'airy fairy' from the little I knew about it. Robin quickly put me at ease and explained all the research behind the therapy before we began. I found the process very gentle and soothing. Following the treatment I have driven several times, long distance, and felt much more relaxed, not bothered by sudden movements or noises. I would certainly be happy to recommend Robin's treatments - it's a gentle, respectful, non-invasive form of therapy that I think many people could benefit from and it's wonderful to see his passion for sharing it with others.
- Tesh
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As a doctor, I see the potential for Havening to transform the suffering I see every day

I have struggled with depression, anxiety, lack of confidence and a sense of hopelessness for most of my adult life, affecting my abilities during study, at work and in my relationships with others - not to mention the relationship with myself. I was initially nervous about Havening as I couldn't imagine how it could change such deep-rooted issues present since childhood. I had been attending counselling concurrently, and it wasn't long before I realised that Havening was having a much more profound effect on me than any counselling session. After Havening, I have felt myself become lighter and grow stronger, more resilient and more hopeful. I have never felt so joyful, grounded, free of my past and safe in my body as I do now. I am so thankful for the care, gentleness and sensitivity Robin brings to the therapy room. He approaches every session with such creativity, openness, hope, and trust in an individual's ability to heal and in the incredible power of Havening.
As a medical doctor, I see such promise in the potential of Havening to transform much of the suffering I see every day at work. I am inspired to pursue Havening training so that I, too, can offer others the opportunity to heal. Robin's healing intention and the practice of Havening have forever changed the trajectory of my life. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
- Junior Doctor
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Raglan, New Zealand