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Certified Practitioner since October 2018

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Julie started practising complementary therapies in 1996 and has since completed training in Reflexology, Reiki and Natural Nutrition. She was ready to embark on a Hypnotherapy course when she was introduced to Havening. Having researched what Havening was - a new and unique, fast, life-changing psycho-sensory therapy using simple touch - it resonated with her so much that she signed up straightaway for the next training event with Tony Burgess and Julie French in Stafford.

Through studying natural nutrition, she believes emotional issues tend to be mirrored in a particularly direct way – usually through mental, emotional and physical symptoms which can produce a variety of health problems that impact on our present day lives preventing us from moving forward and being our best selves.

Our bodies serve to connect us with the emotional pains of the past. Working on the physical level has intimate connections with the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, thereby healing the split between the mind, body and spirit.

We live in a fast paced world where technology and broadband speeds are getting faster and faster and where most people want a fast fix. Havening can be instantly transformative in many cases.

Julie has learnt a great deal through her own experiences and feels a deep compassion for anyone who has suffered or is still suffering. She wants to make a positive contribution to people's lives using liberating concepts and practises.

She now wishes to focus on the application of Havening techniques to bring freedom and healing to her clients who have been through traumatic and stressful experiences and to then help them create and build positive, supportive and resilient frameworks as a springboard to live their best lives.

Day time and evening appointments available.

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Dog Phobia

“Having been bitten by dogs on two occasions I had spent years being afraid of confronting dogs on a day to day basis. After only a single session of Havening with Julie Albion, I can honestly say that those fears have completely gone. I found Julie's approach calming, professional and extremely effective.

I would not hesitate to recommend Julie and Havening to my family and friends.”

Mary, 68, Wiltshire.
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Spider Phobia

"I am an eighty year old woman who for the last seventy years has been petrified of spiders, to the point of being completely panic-stricken, frozen on the spot, unable to move. I had one Havening session with Julie who worked on two traumatic events from my childhood. The first when I was fifteen which was to do with an episode with a very large spider but the second event which had to be cleared was when I was ten and the event was to do with cockroaches. Julie told me that this was the core traumatic event that caused my phobia of spiders and which needed to be cleared.

I still can't believe it but I am absolutely delighted to be able to say that I am now free of my life-long fear of spiders. Since my session I've had at least three encounters with spiders of varying sizes and I did not react to them at all except to just talk to them and tell them to go on their merry way. Havening is truly remarkable and it definitely worked for me. I can't praise it highly enough.”

June, 82, High Easter.
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“I was originally introduced to Julie through a mutual friend. In time I opened up to her about some incidents of past abusive childhood trauma.

Julie told me about Havening and I was interested in finding out more as I knew my past was having a negative impact on my personal and professional life.

The session with Julie was amazing. I felt very comfortable and at ease with her. She began by telling me, in an understandable way, about the neuroscience behind Havening. I found this really interesting.

I spoke of a particular incident from my childhood. I was very emotional and tearful and had the usual feelings of hurt, guilt and shame.

Following the Havening process I recalled the incident again and spoke of it without the emotional attachment. No tears...no hurt...no guilt...no shame. Just an acknowledgement that I should have been better protected as a child. This was a massive breakthrough for me. I felt unburdened and liberated.

My daughter had often commented that I didn't just deal with a current issue/problem but would 'drag 40 years worth of pain into it' thus reacting in a disproportionate way. I am now free from this and it feels fantastic!

I very highly recommend Julie and Havening.”

Michelle, 49, Cambridge.
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“I saw Julie for two Havening sessions to help me come to terms with a damaging experience in which I’d been exposed to hostile people for a prolonged period of time. After this ended, the memory of the events continued to cause very heightened and disruptive emotions, such as anger and grief, accompanied by excruciating stomach pain, severe headaches and sleeplessness.

I felt very safe and at ease with Julie. The sessions themselves were peaceful and compassionate, even though we were looking objectively and directly at some of the lowest moments of my life. It was somehow a relief to do this, although it had required a leap of faith to re-open the subject.

About three months after the sessions, I walked into a train carriage and came face to face with the person whose behaviour had harmed me the most. It was one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had. Instead of being possessed with anger (as used to happen), a peaceful feeling came over me. This man was blocking the way into the carriage. I moved past him, found a seat, and carried on with my journey as if absolutely nothing had happened, with no emotional reactions. I attribute this to the Havening, and I’m very grateful to Julie. I’m now fully relieved from all stress symptoms that I used to have, and feel very well.”

Angela, 50, Essex.

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