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A dynamic and experienced Executive & Personal Coach, for 19 years (and counting) KATIE ROWLAND has worked with leadership teams, board members, directors, high-potential 'Leaders of the Future' and private individuals to achieve;

  • Increased self awareness
  • Increased personal &/or professional effectiveness
  • Increased personal &/or professional efficiency
  • Increased personal &/or professional satisfaction.

And, since 2018 when Katie became a certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, Katie is delighted to add children (age 8 upwards) and young adults to her client base. :-)

A specialist in emotional intelligence (EI), communication skills, personal and inter-personal effectiveness; Katie combines her experience in Performance Coaching, Team Profiling, EI, Humanistic Psychotherapy and most recently Havening Techniques, with her background in the sports industry and education, to form powerful partnerships!

Katie champions discovering and honoring 'Who You Are' as a leader or person, and is expert at coaching at a 'being' (as well as 'doing') level, enabling leaders, teams and private clients to upgrade their effectiveness, achieve meaningful and sustainable results, whilst playing to their strengths, orientating around core values and strengthening their relationship with Self. 

With her younger clients, Katie is thoughtful, encouraging, sensitive, affirming, reassuring, self-assured, gently assertive...whatever is required to help each child or young adult to relax, feel safe, be supported to open up as far as they are able, and feel comfortable to do so, to enjoy the emotional, psychological, neurological and practical benefits havening techniques can offer.

Katie is a keen sportswoman (particularly netball, tennis, skiing, water skiing, horse riding). Her other interests include the 'Last Wednesday of the Month' Book Club she set up in 2017 and 'trying new things', eg motorbiking, flying on a trapeze, motorhoming, hypno-birthing, hot yoga... 

Katie is also a devoted Mum to 2 young(ish) daughters who are the loves of her life!! :-)

Areas of specialization

Anger management, Panic attacks, Depression, Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Pain management, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Stress, Adolescents, Grief, Interview Nerves, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Confidence, Empowerment, Bereavement


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16 Year Old Experiencing Acute GCSE-Related Anxiety

Hi Katie, I had the best sleep last night; I felt so relaxed!
I started off the session feeling anxious and worried about my upcoming exams and everything in general. I never honestly thought this would work like it has done. I feel incredible! You are amazing at your job! It has worked wonders. I'm now feeling optimistic about everything, and that is all down to you and your session. I might have one more session in the next couple of weeks, however, I feel I have let a lot off my chest and I feel amazing for it!
I honest don't think I could thank you enough for what you've done for me. You have helped me and changed me into a more positive and happy person! I am so incredibly thankful.
Thank you for taking the time out of your evening to dedicate it to me and the session. I can never thank you enough! xx
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Sincerely – thank you

Dear Katie

Thank you so much for the incredibly powerful Havening session we had together. I was quite uncertain as to whether it would help, however your explanation of the process and theory behind how it works, together with your kind and professional approach gave me the confidence and reassurance to to try it.

You provided a safe, supportive environment in which I felt that I could share my emotions and fears. The process itself was such a release of my feelings. With your gentle guidance and reassurance I could identify the negative emotions but more importantly I was able to replace those thoughts and feelings with something more positive and affirming which has helped me feel that it is possible to navigate through the barriers. The ability to self haven when I start to feel overwhelmed has also been of great help, and one which I have done on myself a number of times.

A truly remarkable experience, one in which I felt quite different after the session. To know that you are a skilled practitioner who not only can help release such emotions in me but is also able to use elements of your professional coaching to support the whole process in practical terms is extremely valuable to me.

I am facing a very different future to the one I thought I would have but with your professional support and your personable approach which really focuses on an individual's needs and experiences, in a confidential and supportive manner, means that I feel more equipped for what lies ahead. Sincerely - thank you.
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From Sceptical to Magical... in just one session!!

As someone with heaps of baggage and a complex history, who has tried, (and been disappointed), various forms of treatment (CBT, counselling etc), I am sceptical of most alternative therapies and was unconvinced that I would feel many benefits from a havening session.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

I can't quite explain what happened in the session that clicked, but one thing for sure is the huge benefits that I have felt as a direct result of just one session. It is like a big weight was instantly lifted from my shoulders, and for the first time in my life I am seeing things from a much more positive and pragmatic perspective. It has had such a massive impact on how I control various situations I find myself confronted with and made me much more able to articulate and express my opinions when needed.

It takes courage to allow yourself to let go of all sorts of pent up emotions, but the feeling of liberation once you've taken that step the rewards are just magical.
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Angry 10 Year Old!

Havening has helped me a great deal by calming my head when I am angry or frustrated. Beforehand there is a red flame inside me burning brighter than the sun. Afterwards the flame cools down and in its place is a silver blue lake.

Year 6 Girl, age 10
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Frightened 8 Year Old

My mummy has helped me a lot with Havening. I have been really terrified by a poster I saw of the horror movie Annabel. I had been feeling really scared but when my mummy did Havening on me I felt like I was safe and protected. The scared feelings drifted away. My scared feelings haven’t come back. I was able to go to sleep after that.

Issy, age 8
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Mother & Son (age 10)

Katie has been a friend of mine for over 10 years and I have been watching with interest as she has embarked on her Havening training and course.

My son has a low self-esteem so I listened with particular interest as she explained the Havening technique and how it could potentially help.

We gave it a go and he has had 4 sessions over the last 6 months. My son was incredibly positive about the experience and used the techniques he'd been taught to help him through events he would normally have found stressful with great effect. He was positive about the system and felt it was really working for him.

The most recent session was prior to a senior school entrance exam, which he was extremely anxious about. During the build up to the exam he started to show concerning behaviour, beyond tears, and was talking in an extremely negative manner.

Katie and my son met for a session the night before the exam. He woke in the morning with 'normal' nerves and walked into the exam room with confidence. During the exam he used the Havening techniques he had learnt. He came out of the exam hugely positive, which is incredibly unusual for him. He was happy to talk through the experience (again highly unusual) and sighted Havening as having been pivotal to his ability to get out of the house on the morning of the exam and into the exam room.

I would thoroughly recommend Katie and her Havening technique.

Year 6 Boy’s Mother

I found the Havening really relaxing and I felt really safe whilst having it done. It helped me a lot with staying calm.

Year 6 Boy, age 10
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Life saver!

I couldn’t have got through the last 3wks without Havening!

Wife of a man who underwent life-threatening surgery and ICU care
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Extreme stress & anxiety... GONE!

Over the course of the past year a series of events led to intolerable levels of stress and anxiety, which threatened to overwhelm me. I am the kind of person who would typically just plough on, and try to deal with it, using exercise to try to unwind. However, I was lucky enough to meet Katie, who recognised the symptoms, and suggested I try Havening.

I had never tried any alternative therapies and have to say I was absolutely staggered by the results. Through Katie's skilful facilitation I was able to process my thoughts, and unlock some very powerful deep-rooted emotions, in a safe environment. Ultimately this process resulted in me being; clear on the underlying cause of the issues, provided an outlet for my emotions, rebuilt my reserves, and left me feeling stronger and more able to cope with tough situations in a controlled way.

Vice President UK (NASDAQ) top 20 company
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Lottie, age 10

I strongly feel that havening helped me with the challenges I faced, with Katie’s help by creating calm surroundings in my mind. I felt slightly nervous beforehand (I was worried about sharing my worries) but Katie was so understanding and I really felt comfortable. Now that I have done it I feel more prepared when a worry comes to my mind and I know what to do. I feel much more steady with my worries and I thank Katie for that.

Lottie , age 10

I am so grateful to Katie for teaching us some Havening. My daughter was getting quite anxious and stressed about various things and when we tried to talk about it, sometimes I managed to make things worse for her and escalate the anxiety. However, now with Havening we have armed my daughter with the skills to be able to calm herself down if I am not there or, when I am, Katie has taught me how to do it for her. Havening has become a really special thing for us to do with each other.

On the day of the session, Katie immediately put my daughter at ease; she created an environment that made my daughter feel she could tell her everything that was on her mind. She was incredibly understanding, calm, and caring. I heard my daughter open up to her and tell her things that were new to me. She is a total natural with children and young people. For the rest of the day my daughter was very chilled, and has remained far calmer since, with a quiet confidence that she can handle stressful situations now. We are looking forward to booking with Katie again for a ‘top up’ session.

Lottie’s Mum
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Death of a much-loved pet and relief after 19 years of pain!!

My appointment with Katie was my first experience of Havening. She had explained the theory to me beforehand and I felt comfortable knowing what to expect when we met.

As we started the session a painful memory came to me and I was in tears straight away, my cat who I had had for 19 years had become ill and had to go to the vets to be put down, I hadn't realised that all the time since I had felt guilty that I hadn't been able to take her as I was so emotional about it. Katie applied the Havening touch to my arms and worked through the feelings with me. Within minutes the intensity of this emotion lessened and I remembered more of the nice sweet moments and less of the end of her life. I left the session feeling relieved and as I drove home I was smiling a lot. A great burden felt lifted.

Over weekend the feeling remained, and I shared the story many times. Even talking about my beloved cat would normally have me in tears but each time I told the story I remembered the nice times not the end. The reason I'm so impressed with this change is my cat died in 2008 and time hasn't really healed how I felt, but in one session of event Havening I felt so differently.

I am happy to recommend Katie and her Havening practice as my first-hand experience has been dramatic in the best possible way.

Michelle - HR professional, single mum of two children, in her early fifties.

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