Melanie Tataurangi

Certified Practitioner since December 2018

+64 27 2866230
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Melanie is a warm, friendly empathic Mother of two who has enjoyed helping others all her life. Her natural ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable while sharing is a gift.

Melanie decided to study healing after her own family members became ill and needed help. Her journey started with Psych-K Basic and Advanced in 2009, Aura-Soma, Pranic Healing, Indian Head Massage and now Havening Techniques. 

Being surrounded by athletes all her life Melanie has also used her acquired knowledge to help athletes preform to the best of their abilities from novice to elite level.  Her passion is assisting Mothers and young people to live their best lives although she welcomes the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people.

Through her life experiences with her own whanau, Melanie realised how much she could help others and has being doing so ever since.


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Freedom awaits!

I hadn’t heard of havening before I had my sessions with Melanie. After a devastating relationship break-up I came to see Melanie for a few sessions of havening with an open mind and no expectations. I was interested in finding out more about havening and giving it a go because I knew some aspects of my past were likely still having a negative impact on my personal and professional life and I was interested in healing them. The sessions with Melanie were amazing! I felt very comfortable as Melanie told be about havening and how it works. I spoke about a particular incident from my childhood which I felt had contributed to feelings of guilt and shame. Following the havening sessions I was able to speak about the incident without emotional attachment and an understanding of how I had created meaning around the incident as a child. This was a huge breakthrough for me and I definitely felt liberated from it. Havening is such a nurturing and comforting therapy and Melanie ensures that you feel very comfortable during the process. I highly recommend Melanie and havening for healing past wounds or anything that is affecting you in your current life. Even if you don’t think it’s connected it’s worth exploring – freedom awaits!
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Develop wellbeing and inner peace

After my session with Melanie, I felt calm, positive, and peaceful. She also gave me a variety of strategies to follow up with and to continue developing my wellbeing. She had a professional, caring manner and I felt listened to. She gave intentions to help me deal with the blocks that had been holding me back. Melanie is very spiritual, she uses hand massage and essential oils but also has practical advice to help you feel relaxed and happy. I would definitely recommend Melanie as a natural health practitioner for those of you looking to develop wellbeing and inner peace.
Tracy Ellis
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