Elyse Truland-Killoran

Certified Practitioner since February 2019

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“You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.” ? Vironika Tugaleva

If you have reached the point where your truest desire is to express your authentic self - fully, transparently and unapologetically - this is the perfect time for us to partner together.

For the past three decades, I’ve been active in the field of human potential in a variety of roles (teacher, trainer, chaplain, coach). I am delighted to add Certification as a Havening Techniques® Practitioner to my repertoire as I am in awe of this breakthrough approach to gently unleashing energy that had held us trapped in our past.

If you are curious about whether you have hidden potential awaiting discovery, ask yourself whether you recognize any of the following signs:

  • A yearning to be seen
  • A yearning to be validated (to know that you are “enough”)
  • A yearning to feel welcomed and embraced inclusively
  • A yearning to recognize/express your essential uniqueness
  • A yearning to drop everything inauthentic and untrue
  • A yearning to liberate yourself from the past: conditioning, trauma, guilt, shame, regrets...
  • A yearning to remove the shackles of worry and anticipation regarding the future
  • A yearning to step into the present moment with aliveness, vitality, hope, and inspiration
  • A yearning to trust yourself not to do things that will harm you (to end self-abandonment and self-sabotage)
  • A yearning to come home to yourself.

If any of these are alive within you, now is the perfect time to contact me.

Together we will harness Havening Techniques® to transform the frozen and painful legacies of your past into your most radiant self-expression.

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” Eckhart Tolle

Areas of specialization

Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Relationship issues, Stress, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment


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Fear of abandonment

Dear Elyse,

I hope you are doing well. I have been thinking a lot about our last session and would like to write and say thanks and give you an update about what has happened after the last session.

Well, what happened is that basically the issue disappeared and I am completely neutral about those events that were triggering the abandonment issue.

It's been a few weeks and it's gone!! thank you so much Elyse. I had been struggling with that for almost all of my life and with those 40 minutes, it is healed. Unbelievable!

thanks, thanks so much!

Much love,
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Double-binds around food

Wow! The next day, I felt much lighter and was able to shift into self-love when I thought about body, food, alcohol, weight gain/loss, how my clothes fit, etc.


P.S. I just realized that my relationship with food HAS changed since our session. I no longer seem to be compulsively eating (like I was trying to gain weight!). That’s a HUGE win!
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Emotional activation when discussing finance with his wife

“This weekend Julie and I were discussing a financial matter and I was surprised by the lack of charge within me. I felt total space and ease towards a situation that would have sent me spinning a week ago. I really can't put it into words the lack of charge around the subject....there's just space within me.

What stood out most to me about the session was how simple the process was. I didn't know what to expect but I find it fascinating that within 30 mins I feel completely peaceful around a subject that had sent me spinning prior. Internally I feel different and am interested to witness what happens as this subject comes up again.

Thank you so much for this. I really enjoyed it and can't believe how different I feel.”

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Reclaiming energy in painful relationship with parent

Thank you so much again for Monday! I really enjoyed the session.

Ok, consciousness stream :

Feeling good, calm, quiet ‘centre’
Had conflict with mom on Wed., but it didn’t touch me emotionally as it would normally have done. Net result was energy diffused very quickly & all was restored. No more being triggered by the authoritarian desire to make me ‘small’.
Feeling more confident in general & willing to be seen
Thinking back to original event, level of ‘shame’ has disappeared.

Feeling good in general & anticipating exciting adventures and possibilities…

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Relief of a Lifetime of Perfectionism

~ Pausing to think back on the subject that you initially felt with strong reactivity, what comes up for you now when you tune into that subject?
What comes up is spaciousness. It feels like something has been erased because when I try to tune in, I can't find the energy of it. Just spacious awareness from which I see what's there.

~ When you think back to our session, what stands out to you the most?
It felt like there was a chain reaction effect. I was focusing on one area and contacted the trauma around it, and then that trauma seemed to be linked with a lot of other traumas. It was a lot. I could feel the layers, and could also feel something in my being was compelling the work to deepen into all the layers.

~ What have you noticed since the session which seems connected in some way?
Right after the session, I could tell my brain felt different. At first, there was a slight pressure in the base of my head/brain stem. Then I noticed it became a slight pain focused in the brain stem, but then eventually became a dull headache.
I noticed that night, and subsequent nights, that when I lay down to sleep, my leg does not shake as it has for a number of years.

~ Do you feel different internally since the session in any way?
I've noticed that my nervous system is more even. I've not gotten triggered, upset, frustrated, or afraid of anything this week. I've felt quite even-keeled, which is great because I am usually managing sensations and emotions in reactions to my experience a little more. For example, this morning I had a conversation with a person I find challenging and didn't find myself getting triggered at all, or drawn into her way of being.

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Recognizing Value in Pricing

“What can I say. It was an amazing, incredible and a life-altering experience for me. Feelings that I have buried and felt I had to, to be able to survive, are no longer with me. I feel much more open to life, relaxed, allowing life to flow through me in a much different way. Now with my clients, not only am I a conduit of healing for them, but they too are a wonderful resource that is being given to me. No longer do I just trust the flow of healing in the middle of the session, but also allow these ‘unconditional gifts’ to flow from them in the beginning and at the end for me as well.

My deep appreciation of myself has come to the surface, and so has my worthiness around my pricing. It’s nice to really have that self-recognition of value for what I do. I even feel more deeply the self-love and self-appreciation that I hadn’t been before.

Thank you so much for this incredible gift. I did go over it again and am very grateful for the video. When or if I get off-line, I now have something to bring me back into wholeness. The nice bonus is that you made it a very comfortable experience to go through, and I thank you for that.

All the best to you in this incredible adventure you are on.


PS. Had a little giggle as I wrote this. All I could think of was Helen Reddy and “I Am Woman – Hear me Roar”. I believe this has given a feeling of expansiveness within me.”
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