Pamela Ziss

Certified Practitioner since February 2019

216 659-1161
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Pamela L Ziss, PhD

Pamela’s professional expertise is in the areas of individual and organizational transformation. Her keen intuition and her approachable manner have resulted in her ability to impact the success of others.

Pamela combines her personal experiences along with methods and theories in leadership, neuroscience and engagement to create conversations and learning experiences unique to the individual or organization’s desired outcomes.

Her special interests for working with individuals are in;

·         Building confidence & self esteem

·         Overall well-being & self-image

·         Clutter management

·         Key decision making

·         Goal setting & accomplishments

·         Resilience

·         Phobias

·         Anxiety

·         Relationship management/optimization and trust issues

Those that lead organizations of many types have a pivotal role in the support, development and success of others. When the leader can experience a healthy self-image and overall well-being, she or he can bring their best self to the situation. Outcomes with organizations and small groups may include;

·         Developing leaders

·         Engaging employees

·         Culture change & transformation

·         Communication skills

·         Team dynamics

·         Coaching

Pamela’s passion and compassion for helping others live their best lives has led her to become a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner. Adding Havening techniques has increased her overall ability to facilitate positive experiences with her clients.

Areas of specialization


Independence, Ohio 44131
Independence, Ohio 44131