Tara Whelan

Certified Practitioner since March 2019

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"Keep doing what you're doing, and you keep getting what you're getting " -

Sr Gertrude Howley [my angel of light]

This quote in 2014 was literally the turning point in my life , when stress and life events were impacting my own  health. This statement created  the openness  and awareness to changes I needed to make ,to live a happier,  healthier  and now with Havening Techniques  an empowered  fulfilled life.

Maybe that statement  too resonates with you , and could be a turning point in your life?

Everyday in my Nursing Career spanning 23 yrs between  A&E &  Primary Care  I see  and hear daily  how stress and Dis -Ease brings on so much illness and disease .

 Nursing In the  Pimary Care setting where I have been based  for the last 17 years observing chronic disease and  autoimmune disorders on the increase  , most of it can be attributed to chronic long term  or acute stress in ones life.

 I envisage with  the work of Havening Techniques  and neuroplasticity  to reduce the allostatic load of stress in ones body and mind  and  create a homeostasis  mindset of peace, calm ,  & release to self  empowered ,  love/care , raised self estem &  motivation most patients can improve their health and live the happier healthier future life  they  so desire and deserve.

Trauma is a regular conversation,  sometimes   with a woman's Health screening visit a conversation may arise leading  to  the discussion of a traumatic  difficut Labour or a tragic loss which still holds a lot of emotional connection . This is -

"When the past is always present " - Ronald A Ruden.

Patients or family members receiving a  sudden diagnosis of illness can be traumatic especially how the news may be have delivered .Accidents/ events  in the past leading  to somatic pain and  unexpained medical complaints can be traced back to Traumatic encoding . 

Fears and Phobias are also regular visitors in the form of Patients requesting something to  relax them prior to flying  or needle phobias which can sometimes stop or delay  patients from comeing in for screening or diagnosis on blood work up or for vaccinations needed .

But all Fears  and Phobias can be simply treated with the gentle Havening Techniques forever once and inital event that may have caused the fear  or phobia is identified.

My approch is simple, gentle and empowering, by facilitating and guiding clients  on how to release themselves  from emotional baggage , behaviours or past events / traumas which are holding them back from living the lives they truly desire and deserve.

To facilitated ,happier ,brighter,  self empowered lives and Futures  free from all the pasts baggage holding one  back and keeping  them stuck all though the power of Havening Techniques and neuroplasticity. 



Areas of specialization

Bereavement, Empowerment, Confidence, Belief Creation, Shyness, Self-Belief, medically diagnosed illnesses and disease, Interview Nerves, Grief, Stress, Relaxation, Public speaking, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Low self-esteem, Low self-confidence, Exam nerves, Childbirth, Phobias, Panic attacks, Fear of flying, Anxiety


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