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The last 5 years with Havening have changed my life. I am very proud to have been selected as co-Trainer of Trainers for Havening worldwide. I am also one of the few Havening Trainers in the United States (and the first and only trainer in both New Jersey and North Carolina). This is how it all began …

I first learned about Havening when Dr. Ron Ruden asked me to be a demo for his first Havening training in NYC in 2013. He knew I had escaped from Tower I on 9/11 (while I was pregnant) and thought Havening me would be a compelling demonstration of the power of Havening. I had never heard of Havening before, but I found myself in front of a room full of trainees telling my story. As I began to relay my experience, I was flooded with emotions I didn't even realize still existed! But, at the end of the short Havening session, my 9/11 experience felt very far away. I was shocked, surprised, and euphoric - I couldn't believe how much lighter I felt from under an hour of Havening!  Needless to say, I was more than intrigued by how quickly and profoundly the Havening Techniques changed how I viewed my 9/11 experience. 

I ended my 20+ year career as a lawyer in NYC (including 15 years in-house at the New York Stock Exchange and FINRA) and began to study the Havening Techniques in 2018. Soon thereafter, I founded my clinical practice, Metamorphosis Havening LLC. In the last few years, I have immersed myself in additional trauma-focused education, including obtaining my Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies through the Trauma Research Foundation (Dr. Bessel van der Kolk), completing Level 2 training in Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies, and studying the Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma (NICABM). In recognition of this trauma-informed education, I have been certified as a Certified Trauma Professional by Evergreen Certifications.

I am a lifelong learner, and in addition to my practice and my trainings, I am currently training to become a Certified Whole Life Doula with the School of Unusual Life Learning (SoULL), a program accredited by the US Association of Body Psychotherapy. I also anticipate becoming a Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher (Judith Blackstone) this spring, and a Realization Process Therapist in 2025.

In my practice, I use all these skills with clients suffering from myriad struggles including worrying, everyday stress, test anxiety, violent and sexual assaults, death of loved ones, suicides, abandonment and insecurity issues, relationship struggles, fears, physical discomfort due to stress, body image issues, career frustration, and more. It is my fervent goal to create a sacred healing space with each client so they can feel safe and supported. It gives my life tremendous purpose and meaning to be able to help my clients on their individual journeys to let go of their suffering, get unstuck, move forward, and lead more positive and resilient lives.

Get to know me a little better by watching this 4-minute introduction video: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/8pkXvP55_g9z5yQiIR1aZLyeFTU0QFRXnSgIqR9zqnWqk4sSLRpMAbZEc5utFo3G.lhXb0BEDaSO36pum 

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Areas of specialization

Fear of flying, Eating disorders, Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Sports performance, Stress, Adolescents, Grief, Self-Development, Confidence, Empowerment, Weight, Bereavement


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Test Anxiety Havening
Watch Elena Kindler of Metamorphosis Havening LLC work with students with test anxiety, both individually and in small group workshops.


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One Havening session to work on client's ability to find peace and acceptance regarding a family member’s tragic death and its devastating impact on her family relationships

Hi Elena!! I was actually going to reach out to you today...I wanted to see how I felt after a full week. Thank you for havening with me. I have felt a difference this week...like the heaviness in my chest is lifted. Also, yesterday a small issue came up (unrelated to what we discussed last week) that brought me a little anxiousness so I tried havening on my own right in my office. I find the touching and chanting very calming. Makes me feel at peace. -A.H.
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One Havening session to work on reducing the sadness and emotional pain client was experiencing from her stepson's suicide three years before

I feel a bit strange because I really haven't thought about him at all which is unusual. I didn't really even notice until you asked which is a bit strange by itself.... it is certainly nice to have a bit of relief. Thank you!!!! -CW

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One Havening session to work on client's feeling of being overwhelmed under the weight of her family and work responsibilities

I have been feeling much more positive since the Havening. Even when I had periods of feeling down . . . I feel like I snapped out of it faster. . . . I have taken better care of myself. - R.S.
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Two Havening sessions to work on client's lack of confidence and negative self-talk (“I’m not good enough”), which she attributed to chronic verbal abuse, lack of support, and criticism from her parents throughout childhood

I was so amazed by how emotional our session became! But I felt wonderful after. I felt a sense of clarity and less fear of what others think. Which was amazing. I definitely feel calmer and if I get stressed I find my way back to peace easier.... I see clearer what different people mean in my life - without anger or resentment.... I didn’t feel the same anger towards my parents which was pretty impressive. All the facts are the same but I’m not angry at them anymore.... I’m definitely a havening fan!!!!! - C.H.
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One Havening session to work on client's 35-year long “obsession” with people suffering

I really liked it and I am definitely aware that I am feeling a bit lighter. Those heavy, daily thoughts don’t seem to be there. Thank you so much. . . . Since the havening there has really been a big difference in me. . . I do not find my mind wandering to those scenes. I really think it helped a lot. - M.K.
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One Havening session to reduce emotional burnout from facing her son's mental health crisis, followed by Self-Havening “homework”

This is amazing. I did some havening last night in bed. This morning I woke up refreshed and smiling. Smiling! I tried to conjure the hideousness that I [worked on] during the [session], and I could see it far away—like it was contained to being a snapshot on a postcard under five feet of water. I was in this visual, but I couldn't make the still image into the "movie" that used to replay in my mind all the time and used to make me cry. It's just been reduced to this harmless underwater piece of paper. I am challenging myself to recall the night in all its horrific detail, but I can't. Each time there’s a block that just won’t allow me to. Thank you!
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