Sherry Vigdor

Certified Practitioner since April 2019

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Since the mid 1980’s, Kunana discovered her practice and abilities with healing affirmation by Louise Hay, meditation, Pranayama/Yoga with Master Dharma Mittra and Iyengar Yoga. Her Body work healing modality was with  shiatsu with Master Ohashi at the New York Institute. This was a very innovative time when New York City was a mecca for exploration and creativity. As an artist of the film/music/fashion world, she was exposed to a collage of Punk, Disco, New Wave and birth of Hip hop culture, where entrepreneurial dreams were infinite and so was success which came with an unexpectded price. (Stress, lots of real world responsibilities, sales taxes, incorporating, marketing, publicity...etc.)
Yoga and Shiatsu/massage became her coping skills and shortly after they transitioned into careers. As a super yogini and meditation facilitator,  she also began to  help many people navigate the lose of her own friends and family throughout local communities due to HIV crisis. Which now has developed and is considered a sacrred death doula.
As a Sacred Prayer Dancer and a member of other Organized Earth Connected missions, she has been leading womens groups through transformative awareness and other energetic alignment workshops. Kunana is considered mentor for young women as an elder and has been  facilitating in her Taino Indigenous/diverse community of color.
With an “Awakened” Consciousness, healthy diet and fit body, she found there still can be emotional/ behavior patterns that can get in the way of attaining goals and joyful living that can be accessed neurologically. Through Kunana's healing journey and curiosity throughout many modalities, Havening Techniques proved to be the turning point for her HMBL parlor Practice and self (Heart, Mind, Body, Light.)
She has been in the wellness practice for 35 years. Havening results with her clients continue to impress her so much that she often includes it in her latest "medicine bag" for those committed to learning and loving themselves.
Kunana' s deep dedication to her indigenous roots and culture is the spirit of her integrity of how she contains a sacred space for healing to happen. As a great believer in, “no one should feel alone in their own process of change”, she provides a safe space for you to journey within.

Areas of specialization

Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Sexual issues, Confidence, Empowerment, Bereavement


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Life changer

This therapy was nothing short of life-changing for me. I did not know much about Havening when I entered into the session with Kunana. But once she guided me into the experience, I became aware of some debilitating traumas embedded deep in my subconscious that had been affecting my thought process and decision making for years. Helping me shine the light on these areas of my life that needed to be addressed and healed helped me immensely and I am extremely grateful to Kunana and her powerful work.

Kenyatta Bell
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The courage to release and trust

After years of therapy with a psychiatrist and western medicine that never seemed to work, I was sent information on a new therapeutic modality called Havening in August. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, my first session taught me how powerful and life changing this therapy really is. Kunana guided me into some of the deepest, most triggering memories related to my PTSD and complicated grief. It was by far the most powerful therapeutic work that I’ve experienced or even studied as a social worker. I’m incredibly grateful for Kunana, who promotes courage, trust and gentleness in her Havening facilitation. She taught me techniques that I can use anywhere, at any time, in times of high anxiety or stress. I highly recommend Havening to anyone on a healing journey who is ready to put in hard work for immediate results and release. I can say with confidence that those once disturbing triggers have dissipated tremendously in my life.
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