Shawna Bisson

Certified Practitioner since October 2019

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Shawna Bisson is an RN, BSN and Reiki Practitioner.  Shawna has blended the worlds of traditional medical practices as a surgical nurse with holistic modalities via the study of Reiki energy healing and homeopathy.  She believes in  addressing the mind, body and spirit connection in her approach to all areas of healthcare.  Simply stated, her passion in life is to help others.   The practice of Havening and it’s ability to allow individuals to release the emotional triggers that cause suffering resonated as a powerful tool to heal what is often a rift in the mind, body, spirit connection in an expedited manner. Shawna is dedicated to bringing Havening to as many as possible.  She has discovered that through Havening , we can release the traumas that hold us back from  living the best possible life. 

Areas of specialization