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Certified Practitioner since November 2019

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I offer you my presence, compassion and heartfelt hope to serve you. 

While Havening creates in you a sense of safety from which to process real change in a few short sessions, I listen intuitively and respond with caring reflection. Experiences from my life journey of discovery and studies have nurtured in me an empathy and understanding for the path of personal growth unique to each of us. 

It is a joy for me to share the soothing experience of this powerful life-sculpting modality with you. Havening provides real lasting shifts. When you are ready to feel free of your past, and to go forth with creativity to live your best life. We can navigate this nurturing process together, with wonderfully tangible and life-enriching results from each session.

Havening is a method created from neuroscience to support us while accessing our innate healing wisdom, like magic, for gentle and profound subconscious breakthroughs. Change can be felt from triggered reactions to considered responses; from feelings of damage control to feeling the freedom to be 'me'. 

Expand your life by permanently neutralising negativity from memories that once triggered your ‘keeping me safe’ reaction.Havening is also highly effective for building personal resilience, confidence and growing positive thoughts and feelings.

Virtual online Havening sessions are guided by me while the client applies their own gentle touch to hands, upper arms or face. In person sessions are guided by me, with soothing touch from practitioner to client or touch can be applied by the client.


I aim to tune in to you fully, so that together through Havening we are able to -

Restore your innate sense of peace and calm.

Free you from past negative experiences.

Neutralise distress from memories impacting you now.

Shift to habits that serve you.

Build positive personal resources for greater happiness and resilience.


If you are experiencing..







Would like to feel more..








A growth mindset



If you'd simply like to chat about Havening with me -

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | @MoxeyHavening | +64 (0) 211954448


Feel free to book an in person session in Raglan

or please connect with me to request a virtual session or in person session in Taranaki



My personal life journey has been enriched with..

Art of Living Foundation - Happiness courses - breathwork, meditation, Eastern wisdom and mindfulness; Community Care Volunteering; Permaculture and Environmental stewardship.

I feel grateful for guidance from inspirational human beings in the form of life coaches; psychologists; Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and mentorship from innovator entrepreneurs. 

My personal interest studies have been in emotional intelligence; psychology; philosophy; spiritual practice and growth mindset creation.

I also have a professional background in relationship development, leadership, solution design, creative arts, critical analysis and environmental science.

Areas of specialization


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Insights and ability to process negative emotions

A great way to understand negative emotions associated with some past experiences that I was not even really aware of, but were impacting my life and wellbeing. I learned more about myself and to process some of these negative emotions.
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Life changing and freeing!

I’ve had several sessions with Amanda and they have been incredible I felt held safe and loved. Was able to process some really difficult memories and embed some more positive ones instead. Life changing and freeing!
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Results shifting fixed emotional blockages

I highly recommend Amanda. Her professional manner builds trust & her knowledge got results of shifting fixed emotional blockages for me.
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Dog bite phobia neutralised

I got seriously bitten by a dog few weeks ago. I became after that really very scared of dogs. I would jump out of fear at the sight of one.

I decided to have a Havening session to try to not be scared of dogs anymore. The session went really well.

My first dog encounter was so interesting! As I was walking past a dog, it took me a few long minutes to realise that the thought of being scared had not even crossed my mind.

Now, when I see a dog, I think about my bite experience in a healthy way. I am no longer traumatized!
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I highly recommend Havening and Amanda if you are looking for gentle but profoundly moving healing

I consider myself very fortunate to have met Amanda in 2019. I had wanted to engage with Havening Techniques for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until 2019, that I met with a practitioner.

Havening was everything I had heard it to be, plus so much more and under the gentle and respectful care of Amanda, I was able to clear so many of the emotional issues of my past.

Havening is an incredibly gentle, absolutely non-invasive and highly respectful technique that works almost like magic. After a session with Amanda I was always genuinely surprised by how much changed, not only immediately after the session, but in the days that followed.

I liken it to an energetic/vibrational energy that is like the ripples created by a rock thrown into a calm pond - the ripples of healing keep moving out in ever increasing circles.

Havening Therapists have a dynamic tool-kit of creative healing techniques that make a most versatile and unique type of therapy. I am delighted to recommend Havening Techniques with Amanda as something that is an investment in yourself.

Aileen - South Island, New Zealand. May 2020
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