Anna Beutler

Certified Practitioner since December 2019

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Anna’s toolbox:

Dipl. Ing. Architect, certified Feng Shui Consultant, certified psychological Astrologer with Psychosynthesis, certified Relational® Coach and a Havening Practitioner – with her own practise.

What makes your eyes shine? What prevents you from living your dream?

As a certified psychological astrologer and coach, Anna supports people in finding and living their mission in life. Therefore Havening Techniques®is a very efficient tool to dissolve obstacles - old traumas and blockades - and to strengthen resilience.

From the first moment Anna heard of Havening, she knew that this was exactly what she was looking for. Since then her enthusiasm for this technique has only increased. It is very touching to see how much healing can happen in a very short time. Anna is very grateful and full of joy to be part of this community.

Anna welcomes her clients in her own practise in Brunnen, in Interlaken, or connects to them via Skype/Zoom around the world.

Areas of specialization


Kohlhuettenstrasse 10, 6440 Brunnen, Switzerland
Hoeheweg 74, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland