KeiShanna Coursey

Certified Practitioner since April 2020

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KeiShana is a midwife, NLP Master Practitioner, hypnotherapist, HNLP Life Coach and Yoga Teacher Trainer. Meditation and mindfulness practitioner. Birth educator. Wellness retreat facilitator.

With a love for the mechanics of the mind-body relationship, she enjoys a deconstruction-reconstruction approach as we return to wellness. Psychosensory practices have exponentially changed her own life and transformed her practice.

“To use the body as an instrument, tuning and refining its processes is an extraordinary gift and a service I believe is a responsibility to offer as part of this precious Life journey.”

“KeiShana brings to life 100% presence. She shows up, holds the space and invites us to extend beyond known limits to discover new possibilities. Her explanations of body chemistry and resultant behaviours offer simple, clear insights into how our patterned behaviours develop. 

Her teachings help us to breakthrough our blocks to refresh and reset ourselves.
I highly recommend her retreats and individual sessions ... she walks the talk and teaches from her direct experience - the mark of a real teacher. “ - Cameron Tukapua - Chinese Medicine Practitioner 

Areas of specialty: birth trauma, tocophobia, the birth continuum, (fertility through to parenting). Anxiety/depression, relationship challenges, body image blocks, enhancing communication skills, death and loss of loved ones. Fears, phobias, allergies and general coaching considerations that transform us from surviving to thriving.

She is New Zealand based and in between catching babies, has worked face-to-face and online now for years as clients have organically arrived from around this precious globe. She’s officially hung up her baby catching gloves yet continues to birth women into BEing and midwives all manner of people from NO to YES.


Areas of specialization

Addictions, Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, Food addiction, Gambling addiction, Internet addiction, Quit smoking, Sex addiction, Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Childbirth, Depression, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Obsessions and compulsions, Pain management, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Stress, Grief, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment, Bereavement


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My midwife gave me Keishana’s details...

“My midwife gave me Keishana’s details and I’m so pleased that I decided to call her. My story is that I’ve always wanted to be a mum and at 43 years old, I was given this gift, only to discover that I had immense fear of child birth. I had many fears, relating to the unknown, could my body do it, not feeling in control, lacking faith that I could survive it all! It was intense, scaring and all consuming.
I had one to one sessions with Keishana over a period of 8 weeks and hand on my heart, this is the best investment I’ve ever made. It was my goal to be calm and centred during the birth and deliver my baby from a place of love and trust and not fear - and I feel I have achieved this. The birth was very positive and I was challenged with delivering a big baby and needed minimal assistance which I attribute to the inner work I did with Keishana. She is professional, gifted, highly intuitive and met my needs in a way where I felt understood. I felt skilled and feel now free of the fears I once had and this is an amazing feeling. I highly recommend her services.
- Katie Charlton
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In the space of a couple of days I was given KeiShana's numbr by 4 unrelated people.

“I vividly remember my first interaction with KeiShana. I was 20 weeks pregnant with our beautiful daughter Esme, and needing desperately to find a midwife to replace the rather nonchalant one I had. I simply knew there could be more to birth than that.

In the space of a couple of days I was given KeiShana’s number by 4 unrelated people. Our first conversation left me feeling full. Full of confidence, joy, support and a deep respect and awareness for the fullness of transformation growing inside my belly and mind. Her care as a midwife /coach transcended the status quo, allowed for open, honest conversations about birth - both of the mama and the baby. Conversations grounded in science but propelled into a higher space and perspective of viewing life, if indeed that was what I wanted. And yes, it was. That birth opened up a new place in me.
- Charlotte
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Conventional + Holisitic

I’ve had the joy and honour of working with KeiShana for over a year both in person and via video call. She is the most beautiful combination of conventional therapy and a holistic mind/body/spirit trainer. Direct and no nonsense when she needs to be while being gentle and nurturing when she recognises you need that kind of care. Always compassionate and enlightening I enjoy every session, even when they’re hard. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
- Grace
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Sensitive, intuitive + powerful.

KeiShana is amazingly sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic. My session with her was powerfully moving and compelling. She effortlessly connected with me and my personal situation right away. I was struck at how deeply she delved into things and how much ground she covered within one session. Thanks to her and the insight and healing that came of the session, I made a huge mental shift - I was able to embrace and move from the fear and trauma of a previous stillbirth to the most beautiful home birth experience anyone could ever ask for. I am still in awe of what happened! We are truly grateful for such a positive and wonderful home birth experience and honestly believe that KeiShana made a huge difference in how smoothly and beautifully everything went for us.Thank you for the incredible work that you do KeiShana!
- Lil
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I worked with KeiShana and found her intuition + body knowledge are second-to-none

I worked with KeiShana and found her intuition + body knowledge are second-to-none. She has a thirst for knowledge + a passion for women’s health that you can trust in. After just one session I left feeling so much better physically and mentally, + felt so much more confident in my own bodies abilities.
I highly recommend her!”
- Laura Jones
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KeiShana´s approach is based on rigorous scientific knowledge

KeiShana´s approach is based on rigorous scientific knowledge as well as rich life and professional experience. Last but not least - warm approach with good sense of humour. We learnt how to understand inner processes in our body + mind + how to work with them, as well as how to cope with different practical situations one comes across (in Life)”
- Helena Poláková
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