David S. Chametzky

Certified Practitioner since September 2015

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David is a mentor who has worked Internationally, been a Tedx speaker, author, and hosts a podcast "Peace Love and Bring a Bat". David graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors's Degree in Behaviorial Sciences and has enjoyed a successful career in both the corporate and private world for over thirty years. IN doing so he has gained valuabel tools along the way in becoming a New York State Peer Certified Peer Recovery Advocate while using various modalities including the Havening Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programing (N.L.P), various forms of hypnosis to make sure value is added in each persons journey. 

 David enjoys sharing his knowledge with those who are passionate about personal and professional development including CEOs, business leaders, educators, students, atheletes, law enforcement, Veterans and other First Responders.  He facilitaties growth for those who are intent on finding their own P.A.T.H. (Personal Attitude Towards Happiness) in life or want to experience a process he calls CLUBERTY.  Working with individuals, couples and groups to move forward and Rise as a Phoenix. 


New York, NY
1 motor avenue massapequa ny 11758