Anne Caldwell

Certified Practitioner since August 2020

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Hi, I’m Anne.

Have you ever noticed how two people can have the same illness with the same symptoms, yet some will get better and others don’t?

Right at the start of my thirty year nursing career, this made me very curious.

I couldn’t understand how two, seemingly similar people, could experience the same illness yet have such radically different outcomes.

And this is how my fascination with neuroscience, spirituality, and inner health was born.

In a quest to understand, I embarked on a thirty-year scientific and spiritual journey of uncovering the truth that underpins illness, healing, and happiness. Having a strong clinical background was a great start, but I knew there must be more to it than modern medicine and pure psychology. So I dug into concepts in neuroscience and energy healing, and learned Chiron healing, healing touch, Havening, aromatherapy, transcendental meditation, and yoga. I explored concepts in science and spirituality and looked for ways to bring them together in the ultimate ‘power package’.

And then one day, I was given the ultimate opportunity to put into practice what I’d learned.

I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. I knew that was my chance to put my theories to the test. So I went to work. I practiced everything I’d learned, applying both scientific and spiritual healing techniques to my own body. Against all the quoted odds, it worked. I healed myself. I remember the day I sat in my doctor’s office and her saying, “Anne, this doesn’t make sense. This just doesn’t happen.”

But it did happen.

At the most fundamental level, I learned that the mind-body connection is stronger than I could ever have imagined. I learned that our thoughts are who we are; we’re not separate from them. I learned how to use the power of the mind to heal the body. I learned to tap into my intuition and use it to guide my healing process. I emerged from this illness healthier and more intuitive than I’d ever been.

This experience led me to cement what I’d learned. I became a certified Havening practitioner, power-yoga teacher, and intuitive motivator. I wanted to understand the mind-body connection and it’s role in illness, healing, health, and happiness on a deep, scientific and spiritual level. I wanted to use everything I’d learned and experienced to help others with their own health, healing, and happiness.

And this brings me to today.

Today, I’m an intuitive motivator who guides people to realize and release unseen barriers blocking fulfillment, success, energy, and zest for life. I help my clients uncover and release whatever is blocking their way forward, and preventing health, healing, and happiness. I help them heal from the inside and take back control of their health, life, and success.

If you’re frustrated, unclear, unfulfilled, or you’re experiencing persistent or unexplained ill-health, I can help you.

It’s impossible to separate our minds from our bodies. It’s impossible to separate our minds from our circumstances.

I teach you how to harness the power of your mind to live better, feel better, and do better.

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