Lorie Speciale

Certified Practitioner since August 2020

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Lorie's love of people, passion for learning and connection to Spirit have been the guiding forces in her life that have lifted her up and moved her forward on her journey to know the purest form of her purpose: to see the beauty, divinity and wholeness of others and hold a safe space for them until they can see it for themselves. She has been on a healer's journey, from the inside-out and the outside-in, for as long as she can remember. Lorie has come to personally know struggle and tragedy as course correction opportunities. These opportunities did not feel that way at the time they occurred when her whole world, as she had known it, changed in an instant.

Shortly after beginning her professional life in physical therapy working with adults and children with special needs, over thirty years ago, she recognized the need to expand her knowledge far beyond the traditional domains of the body and mind to include the emotions and spirit. She went on to study numerous alternative methods and psychosensory techniques for health and wellness, and in addition became a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Lorie opened her private practice in 2000 working with adults, and their inner child, as a body-mind therapist and mental health counselor.

Then in 2010, after working many years with children, teaching them how to stand up with support and take their very first steps, her 29-year old daughter was in a catastrophic car accident which left her in a coma with multiple injuries. Lorie initiated and implemented every single bit of knowledge she had gathered from her vast experience about the body, mind, emotions and spirit to help her daughter come back to life, stand up and once again begin taking steps as she moved forward in a new direction. Those were the darkest nights and days, weeks and months of her soul, as she learned to ride the waves of fear and hope through her daughter's recovery. The photograph above is one of pure joy, taken at her daughter's wedding six years after the accident.

Lorie has a private practice in Northport, NY working with adults who have a desire to move their life forward. She honors each person's unique journey with presence, deep listening, and compassion trusting that each individual has an innate capacity for self-healing. She has been teaching 'bodymind' therapy since 2003, including becoming a Master Trainer for the Somatic Therapy Center and co-directing the Long Island Training site. Lorie is a writer and an author. She has written numerous articles and in 2013, recorded a 30-day Befriend Your Body meditation & contemplation audio series. Lorie is a gentle intuitive guide who offers her wisdom and knowledge to those who wish to connect to their inner truth and release what does not serve them. She knows the power of co-creation, offering the necessary support to stand up, step forward and move through challenges and opportunities towards an empowered, resilient life beyond your wildest dreams.

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