Narelle Summers

Certified Practitioner since October 2015

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As well as being a certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, Narelle is a licensed Goal Mapping Practitioner, Goal Mapping Coach and a licensed Neuro Linguist Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. Narelle has over ten years' experience working in the NHS, working within education and communications training.

Do you have anything holding you back, stopping you achieving what you want in your life? If so, Narelle will help you unlock your true potential and lead you on your first step of your new journey.

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Sleeping problem related to a brain tumour

I first noticed my tiredness in July 2014. It came on gradually with the odd day of feeling tired, now it’s every day. At the time I didn’t know what was going on. Things got progressively worse, I had several visits to the doctors and had to call emergency services out and was admitted into hospital with health problems. After lots of test in December 2014 I was told that I had Pituitary Gland growth which needs surgery to remove the tumour. I was told that the tumour is the cause of the tiredness. I am now waiting for the operation date. In 2015 my health seemed to gradually get worse, my interest in life, hobbies and out-look faded away. I lost interest in everything to do with life. I was generally tired, always wanting to sleep, in January I would sleep once or twice a week during the day and then slowly it became every day and then it is now twice a day and occasionally three times a day.

Narelle asked me loads of questions which I found easy to answer. Discussed various points and I explained my situations. My problem was sleeping through the day and all night which was making me extremely lazy. Then she explained what “Havening” is about and how it works. WOW. What a fantastic experience and my head felt very light and I also felt as though my energy had come back. An experience that I have never had before, it was beautiful.

Later on that day I felt totally different from earlier on, I didn’t feel tired, I didn’t want to have a sleep and I watched television all evening with my wife till 10.45. My sleeping habit before was bed between 7.20pm to 9pm and up at 8am but this morning I was up at 6.30am. And I went out at 9am and came back at 3pm whereas before I would be having a sleep in the morning and afternoon, but not today! I don’t feel a bit tired. I want to do things now.

“HAVENING” is a wonderful experience and would like more. It was all fabulous and brilliant.
Thank you, Narelle.
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Weight Loss

For almost my entire life, some 40+ years, losing weight and maintaining a healthy body physically as well as perception of self, has been the biggest struggle for me. In every aspect of my life I’m determined; a go-getter; incredibly hard working and motivated. But when it comes to taking care of myself, nurturing the body, excess weight has been like a dark shadow for more years than I dare to remember. Logically, I know what to eat; but internally logic plays no part because a negative deep rooted emotional relationship with food and self is always the strongest contender.

18 months ago I was at my heaviest; 4 stone heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant (20 years ago!). A rude comment from a so-called friend prompted me to go on a weight loss regime. I went from couch potato to gym bunny; a positive step granted; one which did make me feel relatively good. I lost 2 stone in weight, but I think this was purely from exercise rather than a change in diet; food still is my worst enemy or my great comforting friend.

This year however, I hit a brick wall. While I was still exercising 5 days a week, the weight loss had hit a plateau. I felt confused by all the dietary options; too boost weight loss, was I to count calories, eat fat free, drink smoothies or follows a carb free diet etc. As a result, each week would see a different diet plan start and end just as it had done prior to starting the positive exercise regime; old habits were slowly creeping back in and morale was sinking fast.

This is when I turned to Narelle I thought I’d try it; see if it could help me overcome this one last hurdle to change my life and thinking patterns in terms of healthy eating for good.

I had no idea how Havening worked or what to expect; Narelle is a gentle and caring person naturally, beautiful inside and out, so whatever it was I trusted her as can anyone else contemplating this form of therapy.

Obviously we discussed how the treatment could help me; during the process, I was gently coaxed into discovering more about myself, which lead me to recalling a childhood incident that was related to my weight, size and the ultimate humiliation of name-calling from others, children and elders alike. We discussed the sense of failure, the inability to change and being trapped in a negative, self-loathing pattern.

I don’t want to say too much about the actual treatment as it may spoil it for others; stepping into the unknown with trust is important. Also, if I was to say too much it could create expectation and I don’t wish to do that. But what I will say is that the treatment is so soothing; a kind of very mild relaxation using gentle words; the soft touch of fingertips on your face and arms, which creates a sense nurturing and protection; plus a series of visualisations.

What I do know is that the childhood incident in which I was left reeling from humiliation, went from feeling 10/10 on a humiliation scale to having no effect on my emotional state whatsoever. It went from being all about me and feeling very personal to it feeling like it was someone else’s story that had no effect on my emotional state afterwards.

After the treatment I felt extremely tired and that night slept extremely well. However, my initial instinct was to wonder how on earth the experience would help me lose weight, because instinctively I still felt none the wiser as to what diet plan to follow. All I seemed to feel was a detachment from the mentioned particular childhood incident.

However, I have to say that since the treatment, which was about 3 weeks ago I have lost just over 2kg in weight, 4 cm off my thighs, 3cm off my waist and 1cm off my chest (which is small anyway; so I’m glad about the latter measurement!). I wish I could say to you that I am now following a particular diet plan, but I’m not. I’ve continued to exercise and the only difference is that I have stopped stressing about weight loss, which I guess makes me feel less deprived, which ultimately makes me more relaxed about food and able to make healthier choses about what I eat; food is no longer an enemy or best friend. Perhaps deep down the trigger has been to remove the block preventing success and replacing it with a ‘I can do’ attitude; but it has worked.

I now cannot wait to try Havening with Narelle for another issue in my life; so watch this space.

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I never considered myself susceptible to addictions. Never had a problem saying 'no' to booze, cannabis or gambling. But recently in this modern high tech world we now live in. I found I was 'addicted' to the Internet. Checking emails constantly, spending way too long on Facebook and in particular checking the Daily Mail website 2,3, 4 times a day. Not bad habits you might think but it was taking valuable time away from more productive activities. Namely my work. Procrastination and day dreaming was interspersed with constant checking of the website. I was wasting literally hours a day. Everyday. And this had gone on too long. I just had to break this innocuous habit.

I had one session with Narelle several months ago. I can honestly say I have not visited the Daily Mail website since.

My productivity has gone through the roof. I have concentration levels and drive to finish the work related tasks at one attempt. No breaking off and drifting in to the old habits.

To say I am pleased would be an understatement. But I would have to admit to being surprised by the results Narelle has managed to instil in me. It was instant. And the results have lasted. I run my own business and I know the value of being able to start a task, commit to it and see it through to completion.

Knowing what I know now Narelle could have charged me thousands of pounds and it would have still been worth it. I am not even sure how Havening works. All I know is it does.
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Fear of snakes

Narelle treated me for a long-standing and severe phobia of snakes. I could not even look at a picture of a snake without my stomach churning. After a very short 10-15 minute Havening session with Narelle, I felt confident enough to touch and handle a very curious corn snake. It felt warm and soft and not at all what I thought it would. Narelle was warm, generous, confident, capable and thoroughly professional. During my session, I became aware of a sensation of wanting to release all that fear I had been carrying around for so long and with Narelle's support and encouragement, I was able to do so. If you are thinking of trying Havening I would urge you to try Havening with Narellle; she is a wonderfully gifted and empathetic healer. Thank you Narelle.
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Thank you. The session was brilliant and I left feeling I knew a lot about the theory behind and the effects of Havening. I really feel I now have a useful tool to help me with day to day pressure. The Havening technique is quite amazing. When I drove home afterwards, I felt as if I was cocooned against the stresses of my life.
The experience left me feeling so relaxed, I was floating. The issue we worked on feels resolved. Since then, I have used the technique on at least 4 other issues, all of which have had the emotional stress either completely removed or greatly reduced.
I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience the technique.
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Fear of flying

I came to see Narelle because I had a fear of flying. I was planning on booking a holiday but was worrying about the flight. On a night time I would lay awake thinking about what could go wrong to the point where I was in floods of tears panicking and worrying about the flight.
After my session I felt relaxed and calm. My worries had gone and I was actually looking forward to booking my holiday now. 2 months later I boarded a plane without any problems.
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Life Stresses

Life can be challenging enough when you are trying to balance a large family home life and being a working woman. It can create stress, tension and anger. Since I've been to see Narelle and practiced the Havening techniques she taught me in the session my whole life at home and at work has become so much more relaxed and happier. This has had an incredible knock on effect on my business as I have so much more positive energy to utilise in my work place and my business has grown and developed immensely as a result. Thank you so much Narelle you've really transformed my life.
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