Sharon Plaché

Certified Practitioner since October 2020

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Sharon Plaché is a bestselling author, intuitive healer, teacher, coach and speaker.  She is passionate about empowering clients to discover, grow and create in all areas of their lives.

Since 1989 she has maintained a Holistic Private Practice, offering a myriad of healing modalities including many psycho-sensory and somatic modalities, HeartMath®, MER® Mental & Emotional Release, ThetaHealing®, Psych-K, EFT, Healing Touch®, Reiki Tummo, Innerwise®, EEG Neuro-Feedback and Hypnosis; in addition she is a Amen Clinic Brain Health Coach, and a NLP instructor, practitioner and mentor. 

She also offers numerous trainings, aquatic bodywork, therapeutic massage, meditation, mindfulness practices and more. 

Sharon is grateful to be a practitioner for the Wave Academy in San Diego, which offers support to Veterans recovering from trauma and PTSD. 

By weaving numerous modalities together with Havening Techniques® she facilitates the processes of a client’s desired outcomes and transformation.

Sharon is a life-time learner and constantly evolving and adding to her knowledge in the fields of brain health, self-improvement, coaching and therapy.

Looking forward to working together.

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San Diego, CA 92103