Kamaia Pere

Certified Practitioner since December 2020

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Dr Kamaia Pere is the founder of Our Collective, a shared vision to rise above our limiting beliefs and embody our purpose, power and passion as a collective. She works as a doctor a Whangarei Hospital and a Havening Practitioner® with a growing online client base in the UK, USA and Australia. 

Clients describe her sessions as 'phenomenal', 'life changing' and 'suprisingly fun'.

Here's what they say:

"After 1 session, she has helped me release blocks like not wanting to record videos on Youtube for my business channel that came from my childhood. After this session, I recorded 4 videos!" - Melanie, UK, Health & Wellness Coach

"I was finally able to see a clear vision for my business and unlocked a pathway to my creativity" - Lisa, USA, Founder of MindBodyHeart

"I was able to start asking for what I deserve and really feel it... It's changing my life." - Brooke, NZ, Designer

"I now feel like I can honour my purpose for being on the planet" - Sarita, UK, Ayuvedic Practitioner


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