Thale Sæther-Larsen

Certified Practitioner since January 2021

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My name is Thale Sæther-Larsen, and I live in Drøbak, Norway.


I was introduced to Havening on a presentation with Doug O’Brien at Metaresource in Lillestrøm, Norway. It was amazing !! I was blown away how big impact it had on the demo!!

Such a beautiful technique  and the fact that it is science based, makes it Even more interesting for me! I got this strong feeling that I wanted to learn the Havening Technique, so I signed up for a Practitioner course!! And here I am❤️


I’m now a Certified Havening Practitioner,  NLP Master Practitioner,  LAB profile Practitioner, BI bedriftsøkonom - economic/business/administration 


On my daily basis I work as CEO in a company in sales, in Oslo, Norway,


I have a special Interest in spirituality , the breath and what the nature gives us!

I have practiced yoga for many many years and the breathing is a very importantly part of it!


I have always been a person that cares of other people and wants to help if needed.

My main areas are helping people overcome issues like stress, grief, fear, worries and phobias. I also work with relaxation, building confidence and empowerment. Allowing them let go of the past or the future worries, and to move into the now, with the resource they want and need. 

Havening is such a wonderful and easy-to-use technique, and my clients can also do the Self-Havening technique, in order for them to continue the healing and empowering process by themselves.


I am available on SOME :

Instagram: @strandalifestyle 

FB: Thale Sæther-Larsen

FB: Thale Forever helse og utvikling 



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Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Relaxation


Drøbak, Norway