Dr. Buzz Mingin

Certified Practitioner since March 2021

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My name is Dr. Buzz Mingin. I function as a Brain and Behavioral Health Clinician, specializing with Corporate and Entertaninment Health. As a clinician, I focus on individual and team management addressing the measurable performance of sleep, diet, and exercise by reducing stress to improve the same. I investigate and clinically case manage all of my client's ailing symptoms in order to create efficacy in my client's treatment. As a clinical case manager, I ensure  all parties involved in the treatment are on the same page, targetting their assigned tasks, in a coordinated fashion. I am trained in Brain Health by the Amen Clinic in both Manhattan, New York and Costa Mesa, California and use Spect Imaging as a means of brain health investigation. I am a supporter and provider of Havening Science utilizing Havening tools and techniques. I have found Havening to be a valuable resource for individuals and organizational teams who are struglling with stress, pressure, and deadlines that grossly impair one's ability to function. Miraculously, Havening Touch can be a self manipulated technique that allows one to navigate a recovery of stress, on demand. Even more impressive, some of my clients who have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals and prescribed several different psychiatric medications, while inaccurately diagnosed with a Mood Disorder i.e. Bipolar Disorder prior to contracting my services, have been found to actually suffer trauma. Using the Havening repertoire of tools, has allowed me to assist these same ailiing clients from their same ailing symptoms using Havening Science and creating change in a matter of hours verus years of misguided treatment attempts. 

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Depression, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Sports performance, Stress, Self-Belief


The Amen Clinic; Manhattan, New York (16 East 40th Street; 9th Floor) and Beverly Hills, California (Remote Servicing)